Waka Instant Coffee Review

Waka Instant Coffee Review

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Waka Instant Coffee




Coffee Quality







  • Great taste
  • Great price
  • Single-serve and bulk options
  • 4% of profits go to funding clean water projects


  • Doesn't dissolve well in cold water

Waka Instant Coffee Review

Waka Instant Coffee

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Instant Coffee is in the midst of a renaissance. A renaissance in which the coffee’s quality is meant to match the convenience of the instant brewing process.

You see, traditionally, instant coffee has had a bad wrap when it comes to its quality.

Cheap beans. Bad taste. Too much added sugar.

Nobody was really making great-tasting instant coffee until Sudden Coffee came along. 

But Sudden Coffee is no longer the only player in the premium instant coffee space. And this is a good thing.

Recently, I looked at Alpha Wave Smart Coffee, an instant coffee that was formulated to eliminate the jitters and crashing effects of caffeine.

I found that while the taste was decent, it still wasn’t great.

And then the folks from Waka Coffee reached out to me and asked if I’d like to try their instant coffee. I happily agreed, which brings us to today’s review.

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Add Water, Give Water

To compete in a competitive space like the instant coffee space, you have to do things a bit differently than the competition.

Waka is not only trying to be one of the best quality instant coffees on the market, but they’re also trying to bring clean water to communities that need it.

With their Add Water, Give Water program, Waka contributes 4% of all proceeds to charity:water, which brings clean drinking water to 26 different developing countries.

Waka largely chose this charity because of the amount of water waste that is already taking place in the production of coffee.

Given the fact that there are millions of people in the world without access to clean drinking water, Waka wanted to support this particular cause, which I think is awesome!


One of my biggest gripes with many of the instant coffee players is the price you end up paying per cup of coffee.

At the time of this review, Sudden Coffee charges roughly $1.75 per cup if you buy a bulk pouch.

Alpha Wave’s Smart Coffee comes in at an even higher price (to be fair, they’re in pre-production via Kickstarter at the time of publication) and also only offers single-serve packets.

By contrast, Waka Coffee offers both single-serve packets and bulk-serving bags, with each cup of coffee coming in at less than 50 cents a cup!

Obviously, this blows the competition away when it comes to price alone.


Instant coffee will probably never taste as good as an expertly brewed cup of freshly ground single-origin coffee. With this in mind, Waka is quite a good cup of coffee.

The coffee is a Colombian medium roast with excellent balance and overall flavor.

It isn’t a complex cup of coffee, but again, you don’t drink instant coffee for complexity. 

You drink instant coffee for convenience…and in Waka’s case, the way the coffee tastes is the cherry on top.

Also, unlike Alpha Wave Smart Coffee, Waka passed the taste test with Mrs. Coffee Concierge, who is an even tougher critic than me when it comes to coffee taste.


High-quality instant coffee, while backing an important social cause. This is definitely a product I can get behind.


Versatility in instant coffee simply comes down to whether the coffee can be mixed with cold water and/or other liquids or not.

With cold water, I found that Waka did not dissolve as well as some of the competition. So if you were hoping to find a quicker way to make iced coffee, Waka might not be your best option.

Warm milk and Waka should work in theory, but I found that the most effective way to make Waka was by simply using hot water (and it dissolves very quickly, with minimal stirring necessary).

The Verdict

I highly-recommend Waka Coffee to those who have been looking for a solid balance between quality and affordability in their instant coffee.

Personally, I plan to buy it regularly so that I always have some on hand in case I’m in a pinch, traveling, or simply too lazy to make a cup of Specialty Coffee in the morning.

If you decide to give it a try, let us know what you think by leaving your review in the comments section below!

Where can I buy Waka Coffee?

Waka Coffee is available on Amazon or directly from Waka Coffee’s website.

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