Volcanica Coffee – Costa Rica Peaberry Coffee Review

Volcanica Coffee Costa Rica Peaberry Coffee Review

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Volcanica Coffee - Costa Rica Peaberry





















  • Balanced
  • Full-bodied
  • Forgiving


  • Minimal complexity

Volcanica Coffee Costa Rica Peaberry Coffee Review

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Table of Contents

Today’s review comes from Volcanica Coffee, where we’ll specifically be looking at the Costa Rica Peaberry.

This medium roast coffee comes from La Isabela Estate in the Tres Rios region of Costa Rica. It’s well-balanced with notes of chocolate, nuts, and hints of berry.

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General Notes & Observations

Roast: Medium-DarkProducers: La Isabela EstateCountry of Origin: Costa RicaRegion: Tres RiosVariety: UnknownProcessing method: UnknownGrowing altitude: 5,200 feet above sea levelRoaster tasting notes: Fruit/citrusCoffee Concierge tasting notes: Chocolate, nuts, red berries

Equipment Used


American Press Coffeemaker

American Press

Behmor Connected

Behmor Connected

Hario V60

Minos Moka Pot

Brewista Variable Temperature Kettle

Breville Smart Grinder Pro

Breville Smart Grinder Pro

Flair Espresso Maker

American Weigh Scale

American Weigh Scales LB-3000

Drip Coffee Experience

I mostly brewed the Costa Rica Peaberry with my Behmor Connected auto drip coffee maker, and I had pretty fantastic results.

While it may be cliché to describe a coffee as “smooth”, this is mostly what I experienced when brewing this coffee as drip. It was very easy to drink, though its darker roast may have indicated otherwise.

Espresso Experience

One of my favorite ways to brew Volcanica’s Costa Rica Peaberry was with my Flair Espresso Maker.

For some strange reason, no matter what parameters I used, my shots came out tasting pretty delicious. Considering some of these shots were from extremely long and short pulls, I was expecting a lot more wasted shots.

However, it seemed that I could do no wrong.

The fruit-forward notes stood out more when brewed as espresso. I picked up red berry flavor in the aftertaste, with more chocolate nuttiness up front.

For espresso alone, I think the Volcanica Costa Rica Peaberry is well worth it.


If you’re looking for a straightforward coffee option with awesome balance, consistency, and versatility across brew methods, I give the Costa Rica Peaberry from Volcanica my nod of approval.

Sure, it may not be an ideal coffee for your typical coffee snob, but I personally didn’t find much to criticize in it, since the taste was almost always good.

Consistent results are a frustrating part of brewing coffee, but the Costa Rica Peaberry helps minimize a lot of this frustration with its forgiving results across a wide range of brew methods.

Tried This Coffee?

If you’ve tried this coffee, let us know what you thought by leaving a review in the comments section below.

If you have questions, I’m also happy to try and answer them. Leave those below!


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