I thought I'd take another break from coffee maker reviews to write a post that I think really needs to be written. Before I get started, I just want to say that this post is just my personal opinion, and obviously everybody has his/her own respective values when it comes to making coffee. So please read with an open mind and feel free to let me know if you agree or disagree in the comments below!

Now, what do I mean by overrated coffee brewing methods? Well, you see, there are numerous ways to make coffee. Here at The Coffee Concierge you can get a sense for just how many brewing methods are out there by looking through all of my reviews. Yet this is probably just scratching the surface…there are always new brew methods entering the scene.

But there are also some brewing methods/coffee maker types that just won't go away, even though they probably should. They make inferior coffee, aren't durable, and often times cost way more than they should. Worst of all, millions of these brewing methods are used on a daily basis around the world. To me, this is the foundation of an overrated coffee brewing method.

Here are my top 3 (from worst to worstest):

3. The Coffee Percolator


It amazes me how many people have stayed loyal to the antiquated coffee percolator. The percolator is essentially an old school auto drip coffee maker that boils water through a tube that is dispersed over the coffee grounds and back down into the boiling water. There are several problems with the way coffee percolators brew:

  1. The water temperature is way too hot and extracts unwanted flavors and bitterness from the coffee it brews
  2. The brewed coffee is recycled back through the used coffee grounds, which contributes to uneven/over-extraction

Let's face it: percolators make a pretty undesirable cup of coffee in a pretty inconvenient fashion. You old school coffee drinkers should just throw yours in the trash already…

2. The Automatic Drip Coffee Maker


Yikes. How'd this make the list? Welp, for one thing, it's one of the most common kitchen appliances out there. Unfortunately, because of this there have been a lot of poorly manufactured ones produced over the years. Auto drip coffee makers often make me think about plastic, made in China, lukewarm coffee, and hot plates. So many auto drip coffee makers are unreliable and stop working after very short periods of time.

Of course, this isn't true for all auto drips. But there are so many bad ones out there that I just had to put this as the second most overrated coffee brewing method.

1. The Pod Coffee Maker


That's right folks. Those little plastic capsules and paper discs full of stale coffee make the list at #1. Coffee drinkers buy these things for the convenience and single serve functionality mostly, but it shocks me that so many people think this justifies the cost and taste of the coffee these machines produce.

Pod coffee makers also seem to frequently have mechanical failures. Frustrating when you are shelling out $100+ for a Keurig or a close competitor. Nothing in the coffee making world is more overrated than one of these popular machines.

Even if they are overrated…

There are still good coffee makers in each of the 3 categories above. You will just have a harder time finding the good ones while doing your research.

Fortunately, I've already reviewed the best coffee makers in each of these overrated categories…and in the end you may find that some of these are not as bad as many of their peers.

Head over to the search bar to read reviews of percolators, auto drips, and the occasional pod coffee maker.