Why Make Coffee at Home?

It’s a great time to start making coffee at home. Here are just a few reasons:

  • Access to freshly and expertly roasted coffee is easier than ever through a combination of e-commerce and the burgeoning Specialty Coffee industry.
  • Home coffee-making equipment continues to get better as manufacturers learn more about what makes coffee taste delicious.
  • There is a lot more information and research surrounding coffee, most of it readily available through the internet.
  • And yes, you will save some money if you’re committed to making coffee at home.

How to Use This Site

Although I’m constantly adding new things to the website in order to help you on your quest to making better coffee, things are still very much a work in progress. So thanks in advance for bearing with me.

Currently, The Coffee Concierge mostly consists of coffee maker reviews and whole bean coffee reviews. So, if you’re looking for a new coffee maker or some whole bean coffee suggestions, these two pages are where I’d start my search.

If you’re looking for a specific review, I’d encourage you to use the search bar, which is located in the footer and main navigation menu of the website.

Brew Guides

Nearly every coffee website in existence has brew guides for different types of coffee makers, and The Coffee Concierge is no exception to this!

If you are looking for some guidelines on how to make coffee with specific types of coffee makers I encourage you to head over to the brew guides for written and video instruction.

Keep in mind that these are not the be-all and end-all ways to make coffee with these coffee makers, but they should help get you started for your own experimentation.

I’m still working on many other brew guides, so please stay-tuned!


I love comparing coffee gear side-by-side so it’s easier for readers find what is most suitable for their individual needs.

Currently, I do side-by-side comparison series for both coffee makers and coffee grinders. I call these series Coffeemaker Showdowns and Coffee Grinder Showdowns. These are in-depth comparisons that are great for those who are having a difficult time deciding between two similar (and popular) coffee appliances.

If you are still in the early stages of research for new coffee gear, I also offer comparison charts for top-rated coffee gear in different categories. You can find examples of some of these comparison charts at the links below: