Peet’s Coffee – Dark Chocolate Cold Brew Review

Peet's Dark Chocolate Cold Brew Review

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Peet's Coffee - Dark Chocolate Cold Brew











  • Great coffee/chocolate balance
  • Not too thick


  • Lots of sugar (24g)
  • Relatively expensive

Believe it or not, coffee is not my only passion. In fact, based on my individual consumption alone, dark chocolate could easily be my biggest passion. Well, that’s not entirely true I guess, since I still drink more coffee…but that has more to do with the fact that coffee probably won’t put me at risk of contracting diabetes.

Peet’s Coffee, which is basically my coffee alma mater (I grew up on Peet’s, and they were born in my hometown of Berkeley, CA) recently decided to tempt me into trying their dark chocolate cold brew through a tantalizing display fridge in the already tantalizing Target department store.

So naturally, I picked up a small carton and here we are today with this review.

Before we get into all of the nitty gritty details you actually care about, I’d like to just reflect on a few things about Peet’s latest play in the burgeoning ready-to-drink cold brew market. Feel free to skip ahead to the review if you don’t care about the scattered thoughts below.

1) I am really surprised how late Peet’s is to the RTD cold brew party.

Starbucks was already playing in this sandbox many years ago, and I would expect a large coffee brand like Peet’s to have already been playing in the same sandbox. Granted, Starbucks frapucinnos technically weren’t cold brew coffee, but it was still a sweet, cold, coffee concoction.In any case, better late than never?

2) Peet’s’ acquisition of Stumptown a little more than a year ago seems to tie-in to this move.

Stumptown is one of, if not the first, major brands to introduce RTD cold brew coffee to U.S. consumers. They know this space very well, and I take it that Peet’s definitely took advantage of this, smartly.

In fact, I think this is one of the first big Stumptown-esque plays Peet’s has made. So far the acquisition seems to be mutually beneficial, since Peet’s is tapping into the “third wave” while Stumptown gets broader distribution.

OK, enough blabber. Here’s the review:


I was very impressed with Peet’s Dark Chocolate Cold Brew, despite the fact that it’s loaded with sugar and relatively expensive when compared to some of its closest competitors at just under $5.

I think this gives Stumptown’s Chocolate Cold Brew a strong run for its money, and I think I prefer this over Blue Bottle’s New Orleans Style Iced Coffee as well.

Have you tried Peet’s Dark Chocolate Cold Brew? Let us know what you thought by leaving your review in the comments below!


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    I decided to try Peet’s Dark Chocolate Cold Brew this week while camping in south slake Tahoe. I love the balance of flavors and especially the dark chocolate (my fav). I loved it so much that I had my husband stop in on our way out of town and grab more for the trip home. He generously bought 5 more and when the store gave us a coupon for 75 cents off a Peet’s cold brew I immediately wen tin and grabbed another. Haha! Addicted!

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