Peet's Coffee - Baridi Black Cold Brew











  • Great distribution/widely available
  • Simple ingredients
  • Clean, refreshing mouthfeel


  • Weak flavor
  • Relatively expensive

I previously took a look at Peet's Coffee's Dark Chocolate cold brew, which I found to be pretty damn delicious. However, I imagine the loads of sugar it is packed with might turn a lot of people off from it.

So for those of us who like our cold brew coffee straight-up, Peet's has their standard ready-to-drink cold brew with no sugar added. It's known as the Baridi Black, and that's what I'm reviewing here today.

What is Baridi?

Judging by the name, Peet's Baridi Black cold brew is likely made from their similarly named Baridi Blend of whole bean coffee. The blend contains East African beans that Peet's has deemed to be ideal for making iced coffee drinks.

Baridi translates to “cold” in Swahili, and this blend of coffee features beans from Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania, and Rwanda. It's allegedly roasted lighter than other Peet's blends to bring out more of the bright, fruity flavors of these African coffees.


The best way to describe the Baridi Black in terms of taste is “watered-down cold coffee.”

Sure, it has a pleasant mouthfeel and is quite refreshing, but nothing about the flavor grabbed me as something that could be savored. Very minimal complexity overall.

I wouldn't buy the Baridi Black again for its taste. If anything, this is a cold brew that is more suitable for someone who has a hard time drinking coffee black to begin with, since it's not very heavily concentrated like typical cold brews.

In my opinion the Baridi Black simply does not taste like authentic cold brew.


Very simple ingredients: coffee and water. Just the way I like it.

Price and Distribution

Although Peet's has great distribution for their ready-to-drink cold brew, it comes at a high price, literally.

Like the Dark Chocolate Cold Brew, the Baridi Black is just under $5. Granted, this isn't an absurd price tag for RTD coffee, but given that their isn't really anything exotic about the ingredients or the taste, it feels relatively expensive when compared to competitors' respective versions.


In the end, I wasn't too impressed with this cold brew offering from Peet's.

While I would agree that it had a smooth mouthfeel with a clean finish, nothing about its flavor popped to me. In fact, it tasted pretty weak and had no fruit or chocolate flavor notes in its overall profile.

With so many ready-to-drink cold brew options on the market, this one is a pretty easy pass for me, especially if it continues to sit next to the delicious Dark Chocolate version in retail locations.

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