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Nomad Coffee Club Review

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  • Great coffee
  • Good origin variety
  • Free shipping


  • No referral program
  • Very limited customizability
  • Weak user experience


For the last 3 months I’ve been receiving shipments from Nomad Coffee Club, a simple single-roaster monthly coffee subscription service.

This is a no frills coffee subscription service, meaning you simply get a bag of coffee in the mail once per month.

Nothing more, nothing less.

You also won’t receive any pre-ground coffee from Nomad Coffee Club. They strictly deliver whole bean coffee.

With its limited customizability, you never really know what you’re gonna get in your next shipment.

Still, the coffee quality is certainly there, with a nice variety of origins.

Let’s dig in more to see if Nomad Coffee Club is for you.

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What is Nomad Coffee Club?

Nomad Coffee Club is a simple coffee subscription service that delivers whole bean coffee on a monthly basis.

Whereas many other coffee subscription services offer customizability to your delivery schedule and taste preferences, Nomad Coffee keeps things simple with light and medium roast coffees, roasted to-order, and then shipped once a month.

All of the coffee is sourced and roasted by Nomad Coffee Club, which makes it a single-roaster subscription.

Comparable Coffee Subscriptions

Of the coffee subscription services we’ve reviewed, Nomad Coffee Club is probably most-similar to Moustache Coffee Club.

Both subscription services roast and source their own coffee, with minimal customization on the user’s end.

For a full comparison of all the coffee subscriptions we’ve reviewed, check out our comparison chart here.

The Coffee Quality

Of the 3 shipments I received from Nomad Coffee Club, 2 were excellent.

The first bag of coffee I received was not very memorable, though I was definitely impressed by the latter two shipments.

Compared to similar coffee subscriptions I’ve reviewed, there was nothing about the coffee that made me think it was definitively better than the competition. Still, I’m confident in the overall quality, even if I never knew what I would be receiving from month-to-month.

The coffee I received was either light or medium roast, each coming from a different origin (Panama, Guatemala, and El Salvador).

I did see that Nomad offers an “espresso roast” subscription, but it didn’t look like there was an option for me to select this mid-subscription.

Although none of the bags had a roast date listed, Nomad claims that all coffee is roasted right before it is shipped. This means that US customers will typically receive their coffee 4-5 days post-roast.

Even though I was fine taking their word for it, I still would have liked to know the exact roast date.

Customer Service

I didn’t get a chance to deal with Nomad Coffee Club’s customer service, so hopefully somebody can weigh in with their own review of the customer service by leaving a comment below.


Pricing for Nomad Coffee Club is relatively simple.

At the time of this review, they offer 4 different plans, all of which are effectively the same thing, just with varying levels of commitment.

For example, you can sign up for a simple monthly subscription at $19/month or you can pay for 3 months at $56, saving you a couple quarters.

Personally, I don’t see why anyone would buy a 12-month subscription, given that you are only saving about $12 total when paying $217 up-front (217/12 = $18.08), but hey, that’s just me.

Nomad also offers “office” plans for $100, but I couldn’t find any information on the website about how much coffee is even in those deliveries. 5 lbs perhaps?

Website User Experience

Simplicity is usually a good thing, but not in the case of Nomad’s website. In fact, I think their website is the biggest downside of the subscription service.

While there is an obvious “my account” section, finding where to manage my subscription was a lot less obvious. It was a tiny inconspicuous link that I’m sure a lot of people miss.

When I did go in to manage my subscription, I was hoping to find a section where I could look at past orders and the coffee I had already received. They didn’t have that information, nor was there a place to leave feedback on the coffee I had received.

It looked like there may have been a way to change my delivery schedule, but it’s hard to say exactly since I didn’t ever try to change my delivery date.

No Referral Program

Although it doesn’t necessarily relate to user experience, I think the lack of a referral program definitely speaks to the customer experience.

Given that most of the coffee subscriptions we’ve reviewed have had referral programs to incentivize customers to get others to sign up and therefore, receive free coffee, I found it pretty surprising that Nomad doesn’t offer one.

I figure this may likely change in the future, but I think it’s hurting Nomad’s overall user experience and potential growth.

Is Nomad Coffee Club Right for you?

Nomad Coffee Club is without a doubt one of the simplest coffee subscriptions we’ve reviewed to-date. And this is not necessarily a bad thing.

Sign up and receive a bag of freshly roasted specialty coffee on a monthly basis, at a delivery date of your choosing.

The customizability of the service pretty much ends there though.

While you will get plenty of variety in terms of coffee origins (e.g. where the coffee was grown and produced), you don’t have any control over the type of coffee you receive.

While many coffee subscriptions like MistoBox and Bean Box will let you note your preferences in your account or to a special “coffee curator”, Nomad does not offer a similar service.

This is a set-it-and-forget-it coffee subscription, straight up.

So if that’s what floats your boat, give it a try here.

Personally, I like a coffee subscription with a bit more customizability. But hey, that’s just me.


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  • Does anyone have a phone number where I can reach this company? I have sent over a dozen emails and messages and have heard nothing!

    • I am late to the game here, but Googled to find the same thing. No, they don’t answer emails. They started to answer on a Facebook chat, but don’t anymore. We never got one of the shipments we were charged for and are now being ghosted. 🙁

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