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  • Excellent drip coffee
  • Sweet
  • Complex


  • Thin body

When I found out that Noble Coffee won a 2018 Good Foods Award and received a 93 on for the Bishan Fugu, I knew I had to grab a bag.

And it definitely lived up to the hype.

This is a very clean, fruity, and floral naturally processed coffee from the Guji Zone of Ethiopia. Roasted to a light brown color, this coffee is exceptional when brewed as pour over. I was especially a fan of the Bishan Fugu when I brewed it through my Chemex.

General Notes & Observations

Roast: Light
Producers: Adinew Brothers
Country of Origin: Ethiopia
Region: Guji Zone, Oromia
Variety: Indigenous Heirloom
Processing method: Natural
Growing altitude: 1900-2200 masl
Roaster aroma notes: Wildflowers, honey graham
Coffee Concierge aroma notes: Floral, dark chocolate, herbal, pine needles
Roaster tasting notes: Fruit punch, grape jelly, strawberry, taffy, cocoa
Coffee Concierge tasting notes: Floral, berry, cinnamon

Brew Methods & Equipment Used

Drip Coffee Experience

I brewed the Bishan Fugu almost exclusively through drip methods like the Chemex, Kalita Wave, and Hario V60.

My favorite of the 3 brewers was the Chemex, which made the brewed coffee taste exceptionally clean and sweet, with good complexity in flavor. Floral and berry notes dominated, and my first cup was drunk up in record time.

For the Kalita Wave, I was getting more of the floral notes than the berry and cinnamon. Interestingly, the V60 brought out more of the cinnamon notes, and less of the floral notes.

Both cups of the coffee were simpler than the coffee that I brewed up with the Chemex, but they were all delicious despite more limited complexity.


The Bishan Fugu definitely lived up to the hype, folks. This is a super clean coffee with a lot of complexity between brew methods.

To me, this coffee is yet another argument that Ethiopian naturally processed coffees are some of the best in the world, hands-down.

Even so, a coffee like this won't be suitable for every type of coffee drinker. It is definitely on the lighter side in terms of its overall flavor profile, so if you're looking for something with heavy body and grit this coffee will not be for you.

If you love doing pour-overs, you'll likely love this one.

You can buy the Bishan Fugu from Noble Coffee while it's still available at the link below:

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