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Lilo Coffee Roasters Review (Osaka, Japan)

During our honeymoon in Japan last year, V and I made it our mission to try out as many specialty coffee shops as we could during our explorations of Tokyo, Kyoto, Hiroshima, and Osaka.

One of our favorites was Lilo Coffee Roasters, a micro-roaster in the heart of Osaka.

Not only was the coffee excellent, but the aesthetics of the tiny café made our experience that much better.

Let’s take a closer look at Lilo Coffee Roasters.

Where is Lilo Coffee Roasters Located?

The shop itself is located in Osaka’s Amerikamura neighborhood, which is known for its fashion-centric clothing stores and American themes. As an American tourist, the neighborhood was both fascinating and amusing. A perfect place to explore after a delicious cup of coffee.

Amerikamura Neighborhood

Amerikamura Neighborhood

Since Lilo Coffee Roasters‘ café is so tiny, they roast their coffee at an offsite location in a small 8kg roaster.

There weren’t too many other customers during our visit in the early afternoon, so I suppose we were lucky in that we didn’t have to wait too long for our coffee.

Still, you shouldn’t be visiting a specialty coffee shop if you’re in a hurry. This isn’t Starbucks.

The Coffee

V elected to get a cold brew coffee, while I chose to go with a pour-over.

Pour Over Ethiopia Natural

Pour Over Ethiopia Natural

Cold Brew Ethiopia Natural

Both coffees were naturally processed Ethiopian coffees from the Yirgacheffe region. And naturally (see what I did there?), we loved both iterations.

They served the cold brew in a stainless steel cup, which I thought was an especially nice touch.

In the end, Lilo’s coffee was probably the best that we had during our time in Japan. It was definitely a close tie with 4/4 Seasons in Tokyo.

The Space

Inside Lilo Coffee Roasters

The Lilo Coffee Roasters’ Flagship Location

As I mentioned earlier, the space is very limited.

Along one wall was a narrow counter that could be used to place one’s coffee. The other side had a few tall tables with high stools, which is where V and I elected to sit.

Off the top of my head, there was also limited outdoor seating in the front of the café, but don’t quote me on this.

The Service

Lilo Coffee Roasters Menu

Lilo Coffee Roasters’ Menu

Coffee Cards from Lilo Coffee Roasters

Coffee Cards from Lilo Coffee Roasters

Keita was a friendly fellow, which seemed to be pretty typical amongst all of the Japanese coffee shops we visited.

We were also served very quickly, considering there were virtually no other customers when we came in.

In the end, the service was top-notch, just as one might expect when visiting a typical Japanese coffee shop (or any other vendor for that matter).

Tried Lilo Coffee Roasters? 

Lilo Coffee Roasters is definitely towards the top of our list when it comes to must-visit coffee spots in Japan.

Though we only visited 3 specialty coffee shops during our time in Osaka, Lilo was unequivocally the best in terms of coffee quality.

Whether you’re a coffee snob like me, or just a casual coffee fan who wants a great cup of coffee, Lilo Coffee Roasters is an excellent choice.


  1. The Coffee Vine – Lilo Coffee Roasters Osaka


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