Is Coffee Keto Friendly?

Is Coffee Keto Friendly?

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The ketogenic diet, or keto diet for short, is taking the health and fitness industry by storm. Aside from the diet being termed as the “tastiest diet” for fitness enthusiasts and weight-conscious individuals, the keto diet is pinned and supported by a ton of research to be effective with weight loss.

In essence, the keto diet is a high-fat, low-carb diet that limits you from eating foods that are rich in carbohydrates, such as rice, bread, sugary drinks, and the like.

Fortunately, for coffee aficionados, there’s no need for you to chuck up the sponge of that cup of steamingly hot and aromatic coffee that you love. Your daily dose of caffeine and antioxidants shouldn’t be compromised whether you’re on any diet or not.

Yes, you heard it right. You can have coffee when you’re on the keto diet, provided that you follow the following recommendations on how to make your coffee keto-friendly.

Here’s how you can enjoy a cup of coffee while maintaining a keto diet:

Try Keto Coffee

Keto coffee is a 3-in-1 solution specially formulated to go along with your keto diet. Keto coffees incorporate grass-fed butter and MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides) oil to give you that supercharged cup of coffee you crave, all while adhering to the rules of the keto diet.

What Are Grass-fed Butters?

Free-range, grass-fed, and grass-finished cows produce a kind of butter that has improved consistency and more nutrients compared to grain-fed and grain-finished ones.

The fresh grass in the cow’s diet improves the fat content, mainly unsaturated fats in the dairies produced. Aside from that, the nutritional value is also intensified, loading the butter with Vitamin K2 and Omega-3 Fatty Acids.

What Are MCT Oils?

Most of the time, medium-chain triglyceride oils are added to smoothies and salads as supplements. These oils are fats that are medium-length chains called triglycerides, which are frequently extracted from coconut oils.

Some keto coffees are readily available in the market, but wouldn’t it be more rewarding if you could make it for yourself at home?

To help you, here’s a simple keto coffee recipe you can try:

  1. 1Brew a cup of coffee using your preferred brew method
  2. 2In a blender, blend one tablespoon of grass-fed butter and one tablespoon of MCT oil.
  3. 3Pour the mixture in your coffee and stir thoroughly.
  4. 4 Enjoy your keto coffee.

Taking your daily dose of keto coffee either early in the morning or during your afternoon break will supercharge your energy, as keto coffee is famous for its energy-boosting influence.

Another notable benefit of keto coffee is its reduced sugar – which removes glucose from the picture, which in turn forces your body to burn fats.

Ultimately, this can help reduce your sugar cravings and foster immediate satiation.

Choose Unflavored Coffee Beans

Believe it or not, coffee can have some pretty amazing natural flavors if you know how to find the right beans. Not only does the quality of the beans themselves affect your final cup of coffee, but the way the beans are processed and roasted can also make a huge difference.

In choosing unflavored coffee beans, you’ll gradually notice the difference in the flavor and even the fruitiness. In the long run, these unflavored coffee beans will enable you to eliminate sugar and creamers, as the flavor of the authentic coffee beans alone is enough to overwhelm your taste buds.

Go For Black Coffee

Black coffee is not only great for those who are on a keto diet, but just about anybody who drinks coffee on a regular basis. Once you start choosing better quality coffee, the transition to black coffee will be that much easier.

A good way to transition to black coffee is to begin using beans that are both freshly roasted and freshly ground. This alone can result in some significant improvements to your regular cup of coffee.

You also may want to start trying coffee that is perhaps a bit more lightly roasted than what you usually drink.

If coffee is over-roasted, it’s much harder to discern the sweet natural flavors you’d often find in a light or medium roast coffee.

Use Keto Creamers

Even if black coffee isn’t your thing, there are still ways to make your coffee both keto friendly and delicious. Creamy coffee is still an option while on the keto diet by using keto creamers.

Since milk is not keto-friendly, you’ll need to turn to keto creamers as your next best bet.

Use Other Sugar Alternatives

If drinking coffee without sugar is unfathomable to you, there are a lot of sugar alternatives available that are both healthy and keto-friendly.

Sugar-free syrups and sweeteners are available for coffee lovers who can’t live without that touch of sweetness in their coffee.

Avoid Ready-to-Drink Coffee

As delicious as store-bought or café-prepared coffee drinks can be, they often have a significant amount of sugar added.

It goes without saying that you should always be mindful of the ingredients in the coffee drinks you are not preparing yourself.

Coffee and water should really be all that you need for a keto-friendly drink.


So there you have it: if you are on a keto diet, you don’t have to give up your coffee.

However, unless you’re already drinking black coffee, you’ll likely have to make some simple adjustments (and sacrifices) with how you prepare your coffee so that it’s keto-friendly.

The good news is that coffee can still be delicious and naturally sweet if you spend some time understanding what makes coffee great.

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Have a keto-friendly coffee recipe you’d like to share? Leave it in the comments section below!


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  • “If you are on a keto diet, you don’t have to give up your coffee”.This line made my day. I’m a coffee lover but now I’m on a diet. very useful blog I guess.

  • Thanks for the List Benji. The goal of intermittent fasting is to reduce weight and enhance hormonal health. You need to follow a strict routine to achieve your desired goals. It is quite clear that a lot hard work has been done to sort these Blog. very Informative!! Nice

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