il Morso Coffee Chocolate Bar Review

il Morso Coffee Bar Review

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il Morso Coffee Bars











  • Tastes great
  • Excellent gift idea
  • Widely available


  • Expensive
  • Too much packaging
  • Not enough coffee flavor

Today’s review isn’t quite like the typical specialty coffee reviews I usually publish. Though the product contains coffee, it is actually meant to be eaten instead of drunk.

They’re called “coffee bars”, and they’re made by a San Francisco-based company called il Morso that kindly sent me a box of these delightfully caffeinated treats.

Each of these tiny square bars is made of chocolate with coffee or tea added. They seem to be marketed as a way to get a quick dose of caffeine without having to drink a full cup of coffee, as each package displays the amount of caffeine in the respective bar.

Please note: il Morso kindly sent me these coffee bars for free in exchange for a potential review. While I do my best to keep all of my reviews as objective as possible, whether received for free or not, please keep in mind that this was a product I did not buy. As a reminder, I never accept compensation for reviews and only publish reviews for products I enjoy and think my readers will enjoy as well.


I’ve never reviewed a coffee product like this before, but I think I’ll break it down with my usual rating categories that I used for ready-to-drink cold brew, which you can learn more about here.


Very tasty little coffee/chocolate bars! I think they could have used a little bit more coffee flavor, but the chocolate was never a bad substitute in terms of flavor.

Score: 4.5


The ingredients are simple and delicious. Organic coffee (except the Green Tea flavor), milk, sugar, and cocoa butter. That’s it!

Score: 5


il Morso sells a mixed variety 40-pack on their website for $59.99, making each individual piece $1.49. Considering how tiny the coffee bars are, I think this is quite expensive.

I imagine if the coffee bars were bigger they’d be able to get costs down a bit given all of the packaging, but what do I know?

Score: 2


The Coffee Bars are available on il Morso’s website, Amazon, and in select retail locations. In my neighborhood there are a lot of stores carrying these coffee bars, so I’d say availability is quite good!

Score: 4.5


While I really enjoyed il Morso’s Coffee Bars in terms of taste, I don’t think I’d ever eat them with the intent of using them as a coffee substitute.

Sure, these coffee bars do have caffeine, but it’s not like they can give you that warm fuzzy feeling that a fresh cup of hot coffee can provide. In my opinion, a large part of what makes coffee enjoyable is that it is meant to be consumed slowly. In contrast, il Morso’s coffee bars are more like coffee bites because they are tiny and provide just a fraction of caffeine in each serving.

Of course, I don’t expect anybody to stop at one because they taste great. But I also don’t expect many people to pick these up off the shelves with the intention of replacing their morning cup of coffee.

Maybe I’m wrong? But hey, that’s just me.

In the end, I think il Morso coffee bars make a great gift for coffee and chocolate addicts alike. Still, I don’t see many people (myself included) going to the store to pick it up again and again. More of a one-time treat if you ask me.

You can buy il Morso coffee bars at their website here or Amazon here.


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