Iced Coffee Review: Black Medicine – Iced Mocha

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Black Medicine Iced Mocha











  • Nice cocoa flavor
  • Traces of fruitiness


  • Doesn't taste like a mocha
  • Can't taste any coffee elements really

Don’t you just hate it when reviewers use trite lines like:

“I really wanted to like Black Medicine’s Iced Mocha, I really did…”

Unfortunately, that’s kind of how I feel about it…but let’s pretend like I didn’t actually write those words, deal?

About Black Medicine

Before you roll your eyes and say: “Oh great, another cold brew coffee company, just what we needed”, consider the fact that Black Medicine is not cold brew coffee.

These guys brew their coffee with hot water through a pressurized process. What this pressurized process is exactly is a mystery to me, even after visiting their website.

However, they did reveal some interesting stuff. For example, all of the coffee they used is cupped (read:taste-tested) with cold water, which is not typical in the coffee industry.

They also add some vitamin C to their iced coffee drinks, which is certainly a unique approach.

Overall, Black Medicine is doing something different with their coffee, and you just gotta give them props for this.

The Review

Ultimately, I was pretty dissatisfied with what I tried.

At first, I didn’t mind the drink too much since I’m a big fan of anything chocolate. But I quickly grew tired of it and didn’t even want to finish the drink.

I hardly tasted any coffee in the drink, which is definitely odd considering this is the main ingredient next to water.

The cocoa was just over-powering the whole drink.

I wish this wasn’t the first drink I tried from Black Medicine

I wanted to get the normal iced coffee, but they were out of stock at the store at the time I bought the Iced Mocha version.

I did however get a chance to try the original a few weeks later, and I had a loved it. Check out the full review here.


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