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Black Medicine Iced Coffee

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Black Medicine Iced Coffee











  • Fruity
  • Smooth
  • Contains vitamin C
  • Fair price


  • Weak body

The first time I had Black Medicine was in its Iced Mocha form, and I wasn’t impressed. I honestly felt like I was drinking an expensive cup of chocolate milk with a very slight coffee flavor.

It was disappointing to say the least, but I knew that it wasn’t necessarily an accurate representation of Black Medicine’s iced coffee itself. After all, I hadn’t even tried the original iced coffee they make.

Until the other day that is…and today that’s what I’ll be reviewing: Black Medicine’s original iced coffee.

About Black Medicine

Two main things set Black Medicine’s iced coffee apart from its competitors:

  1. The coffee is “pressure brewed”.
  2. The coffee contains vitamin C.

One of Black Medicine’s people reached out to me (Hi Chris!) and explained the pressure brewing process. Here’s what he wrote:

In regards to our Pressure Brewing process, this entails our product being brewed in our ‘secret’ custom brewing mechanism, at which point we pressurize the atmosphere with nitrogen. This keeps oxygen away from the process and also works as a press and the resulting product is a concentrate stronger than any other on the market. In a way, imagine a giant espresso machine, with some slight modifications. Our concentrate is then used to make our RTD and we control the TDS and caffeine content of our products by our dilution ratios.”

RTD = ready-to-drink, TDS = total dissolved solids…FYI 😉

On top of this, the folks at Black Medicine cup (taste) all of their coffee using cold water, which isn’t typical in the coffee industry.

The irony is that everybody seems to be brewing with cold water these days, yet cupping with hot water. Black Medicine is doing the exact opposite.

The Review

Get it while it’s hot (cold)!

I’m glad I gave Black Medicine another chance, because this iced coffee is definitely a winner. Couple of things to keep in mind before you run off and buy it though:

  • This is nothing like the other iced coffees on the market, so don’t try this with any expectations. Try and keep an open mind, chances are good it will be a very unique experience in terms of the way it tastes.
  • I would recommend trying it straight (no ice, no cream, no water) before adding anything to it. To me, it doesn’t need anything added to it. But to each his/her own.

Tried Black Medicine? Leave a comment and let us know what you thought!


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