How to Clean an Automatic Drip Coffee Maker

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Like most household appliances, coffee makers need to be cleaned from time to time. Assuming you spent a good amount of money on your coffee maker, don’t you want to keep it running smoothly? Even more importantly, don’t you want it to continue making great coffee for years to come?

Right. Well that’s why you need to keep your coffee maker’s innards clean as a whistle.

Please note: this article is for informational purposes only. DO NOT follow any of the instructions below without first checking with your coffee maker’s manufacturer to make sure the methods described below will not damage your unit.

Why is a clean coffee maker important?

Because we want our coffee makers to continue working as they should! With a functional coffee maker comes great tasting coffee. So ultimately, this means that we want to continue to make good coffee for as long of a time period as possible.

How do I know my coffee maker needs to be cleaned?

Is your coffee tasting a bit more bitter than usual? This is usually an indication that your coffee maker needs cleaning.

If you aren’t really noticing much of a difference in the way your coffee tastes, it is probably best to clean it once a month if you can.

You may even be lucky enough to own a machine that tells you when it’s time to clean. If that’s the case, just take your coffee maker’s word for it.

Cleaning your auto drip coffee maker: step by step

What you will need

  • White vinegar
  • Some paper coffee filters (if your machine uses them)
  • Water

Step 1: Brew some vinegar

With an empty pot, coffee filter, and water reservoir, fill a pot’s worth of vinegar into your coffee maker’s reservoir, and start brewing as you normally would.

Once your coffee pot is full of hot vinegar, pour that down your drain.

Step 2: Brew some water

After you have poured the vinegar out, refill your reservoir with a pot-full of water.

Brew the water, pour it out, and then repeat one more time.

Step 3: Start brewing coffee again

Yep, that’s it! Your coffee maker should now be delivering like it always did.

No more bitter coffee…at least for a month. Remember to clean your coffee maker next time and you will be making great-tasting coffee for years to come.

Alternative option: Cafiza

I no longer use white vinegar because my auto drip coffee maker specifically says not to use it. Instead, I like to use Cafiza to de-funk my coffee maker. It’s made by Urnex, and I highly recommend it as an alternative to white vinegar.

How do you clean your coffee maker?

Do you follow steps similar to these when cleaning your coffee maker? Disagree with any of the above? Please share in the comments below!


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Table of Contents

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