Handground Bamboo Coffee Filter Holder Review

Handground Coffee Filter Holder Review

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Handground Coffee Filter Holder








Filter Compatability





  • Looks great
  • Quality material
  • Compatible with most conical filters
  • AeroPress filter compatibility


  • Not compatible with flat bottom filters
  • Somewhat limited capacity (100 conical filters)


I live in a studio apartment with a tiny kitchen.

The kitchen is so small that my wife and I often get in each others way when trying to cook, clean, or put away groceries.

It’s so frustrating sometimes, that one of us will often leave the kitchen until the other has finished what they’re doing.

There also isn’t a whole lot of order to our kitchen. And a lot of this is the result of super-tall cabinets whose various shelves can only be reached with a tall step ladder (which V stubbornly refuses to use for some reason).

Sitting amongst these tall shelving units are a bunch of coffee makers and their respective filters.

Well actually, the filters are mostly housed in a small drawer by our main coffee station, but it’s an unwieldy mess.

Or at least it was…until I sought out a coffee filter holder.

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A coffee filter holder…really?

I get it.

At first I too thought that a coffee filter holder was the last thing we needed in our already tiny kitchen.

But that was before I acquired more than 20 different coffee makers, all with their own filter requirements.

Unfortunately, only a handful of these coffee makers use the same kind of filters, so I had boxes of distinct coffee filters strewn about my kitchen as a result of having so many different coffee makers.

Talk about first world coffee problems.

At first I thought I would make my own

When I realized I actually had a serious need for a coffee filter holder, one that could hold multiple types of coffee filters, I got really excited.


Because the entrepreneur in me figured there was nothing on the market that actually solved this problem.

I also figured there were other people with the same problem of not being able to store their coffee filters in an organized fashion.

But then I was semi-relieved to discover that Handground, the same company that brought a popular hand grinder to market via Kickstarter, had already made a coffee filter holder.


I figured I could at least start by using this and see if I would still need to make my own at some point.

The Handground Coffee Filter Holder

The Handground Bamboo Coffee Filter Holder does exactly what the name describes, it holds coffee filters (and it’s made out of Bamboo, how’d you guess?).

Specifically, it can keep your conical filters (Chemex, Hario V60, etc.) organized in a beautiful bamboo casing.

The Handground coffee filter holder also has a small circular base designed to hold your AeroPress filters, which, by the way, are used in a lot more coffee makers than the AeroPress itself.

What about flat bottom filters?

Unfortunately, the Handground does not hold your flat bottom filters, which are frequently used in auto drip coffee makers.

The Kalita Wave also uses flat bottom filters, so if you regularly brew with either of these types of coffee makers (or any coffee maker that uses flat bottom filters), you’re not really going to benefit from the Handground coffee filter.

How many coffee filters does the Handground hold?

According to Handground, the coffee filter holder can store roughly 200 filters, though it would depend on how many different types of filters you had to store.

If you need to store Chemex, AeroPress, and other conical filters, then using the respective guidelines below would probably give you room for 60, 40, and 100 filters respectively.

Handground Coffee Filter Holder Capacity

Personally, I wish it had the ability to store a higher number of AeroPress filters, but it definitely has the ability to hold a large number of conical filters.


If you’re tired of storing your Chemex, AeroPress, or other conical filters in their original packaging, or strewn about in a drawer in your kitchen, the Handground Coffee Filter is an attractive solution.

And when I write “attractive”, I mean it quite literally.

The bamboo gives it a beautiful and sophisticated look that will go well in just about any kitchen.

If you’re looking to store flat bottom filters however, the Handground really isn’t going to do you any good. By design, it is really only meant to store conical filters.

Tried the Handground Coffee Filter Holder? Leave a review below!

If you’ve tried the Handground Coffee Filter Holder, let us know what you thought by leaving a comment or review below!

Questions about the Handground? Feel free to ask those in the comments section as well.



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