Coffee Maker Review: Cuisinart DGB-700BC Grind-and-Brew

Cuisinart DGB 700

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Cuisinart DGB700




Coffee Quality


Coffee Maker Quality


Ease of Use


Cleaning Ease






Brew Speed





  • Built-in grinder
  • Easy to use
  • Decent coffee at a decent price
  • 3 year warranty


  • Fire hazard
  • Difficult to clean

Everybody loves a cup of joe in the mornings. For most people, the art of what makes the perfect cup of coffee is a science that ranges from having the right temperature while brewing to how finely ground the beans are.

While the DGB-700 may not make the best cup of coffee you’ve ever had, it is certainly in the running for making the easiest cup of coffee you’ve ever had at home.

The Review

Please note: Although I am reviewing this top rated coffee maker, I have no experience using it. Instead, I summarize all of the most helpful reviews on this coffee maker from around the web. I do my best to make the reviews completely unbiased, making sure to cover both the positives and negatives of every coffee maker I review. Visit the about page to learn more…or feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have.

The DGB-700BC is packed with features. Here’s a list of some of this grind and brew coffeemaker’s major features:

• 24-hour fully programmable
• 12-cup capacity
• Strength selector which allows you to choose how strong you prefer your coffee
• Auto-shutoff and brew pause capabilities
• Includes both charcoal water filtration and permanent coffee filter, which ensures that only fresh coffee flows through
• Includes measuring scoop and instruction manual
• Carries a 3 year warranty
• BPA-free

The unit comes equipped with a built-in burr grinder which times itself to grind beans right before brewing, providing the freshest coffee possible. This convenient feature also allows you to select exactly how many cups you’d like to grind and brews the exact amount. The unit can hold up to a half pound of beans and has a moisture-resistant lid to ensure that the beans stay fresh.

The Ratings

The features look good; the unit itself is attractive with black and chrome finishes. So what do actual owners have to say?

The Price

The price is pretty average for a grind and brew coffee maker (just over $100 on Amazon and around $150 everywhere else). Users seem the most impressed by how little the machine costs considering how many impressive features it has.

Score: 3.5 Stars

Coffee Maker Quality

Several ratings were given for quality of the coffeemaker; one user recommended to not buy a refurbished model since durability could be an issue. Another rater actually bought two because she loves it so much, describing it as, “The best coffee pot ever!” She also advised that using the right beans definitely makes a difference.

Score: 3 Stars

Coffee Quality

The machine’s versatile capabilities were also highly praised; one user even cited that the quality of the coffee was even better than a Krups machine.

Score: 4 Stars

Ease of Use

Of the 160 plus reviews found on Amazon, the majority wrote about how easy the machine is to use and program. Users also appreciated that it came with a DVD explaining how to use the brewer.

Score: 5 Stars

Cleaning Ease

There were a few comments left about how long it takes to clean the coffeemaker; since it has so many small parts due to the larger amount of features it takes more time to clean the pot as compared to other brands.

Score: 2.5 Stars


There were many positive ratings given for the durability of the machine; however, many users also gave negative reviews for this same subject. Opinions on durability seem to be split down the middle among users.

However, I can’t give the DGB-700 very high honors in this category given the numerous reports of electrical fires and “burning plastic” smells.

Of the 35 ratings given in this category, many referenced the durability. Several users left feedback about the machine working well for a year or two then suddenly stopping. A couple people complained about the grinder crapping out after only a year of use. As far as the complaints about the system breaking after a couple years of use, one user actually wrote that she was, “Disappointed, even though it makes the best coffee ever!”

Several three star ratings were given due to complications from using the grinder; issues such as the grinder suddenly jamming upon use and the coffeemaker not always working properly were left.

Score: 1.5 Stars


Most Cuisinart coffee maker models look the same. There is nothing too unique about the look about the DGB-700 either. However, the stainless steel makes it a good fit for most kitchens, even if it’s not the prettiest coffee maker out there.

Score: 4 stars

Brew Speed

Many raters seemed impressed by the amount of time it took to brew a cup of coffee as compared to other popular models.

Score: 5 Stars


Any coffee maker that can be programmed to do your grinding and brewing is going to get top honors in the versatility category. The DGB-700 is no exception.

Score: 5 stars

Final Thoughts

Overall the coffeemaker seems to be a great option if you are looking for convenience and versatility. But it definitely has some drawbacks when it comes to durability and safety. As with any appliance, there are risks and benefits that have to be weighed against each other.

Given the fact that two different people warned that the machine smoking one day and actually blowing up, it’s pretty tough to recommend this coffeemaker to anyone. There have also been several reports about a “burnt electrical wire” smell associated with the machine; while it is unlikely that this could happen, it still poses a safety threat.

In the end, I’d look elsewhere for your grind and brew needs. The YouBrew seems to still be the best option when it comes to Grind and Brew coffeemakers. Check out the full review here.

Share Your Comments, Reviews, or Questions

My opinion certainly isn’t the only one. If you have tried this coffeemaker, I encourage you to write a review, too, and to seek out other opinions, comments, questions, and thoughts.



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  • Mine caught fire this morning, searching online this is not the first time. DO NOT BUY UNSAFE. Cant believe they dont have a recall, lucky I was home and house did not burn down

    • Wow Matt. Thank god you were home. This is not the only Cuisinart coffee maker I’ve heard of that has caught fire either…not a brand that can be trusted as far as I’m concerned.

  • Just bought. DOesn anyone know how the machine compensates for coffee like Starbucks that indicate 2 scoops per 6oz of coffee? Even the ‘strong’ setting seems a little thin compared to manual scoops on other Quisinarts. Any advice?

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