Cold Brew Coffee Review: Chameleon – Mocha Coffee

Chameleon Mocha Coffee Review

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Chameleon Mocha Coffee











  • Very smooth
  • Refreshing
  • Chocolate and vanilla flavors
  • Quality ingredients


  • Weak coffee taste
  • Tastes more vanilla than chocolate to me

About a year ago I reviewed Chameleon’s Cold Brew coffee and was really disappointed. But this must be the week of cold brew coffee redemption, because I decided to give Chameleon another try this week, this time opting to give their Mocha Coffee flavor a taste.

About Chameleon Cold Brew Mocha Coffee

The Review

Ingredients & Nutrition Facts

Chameleon Mocha Ingredients


  • Filtered water
  • Fair trade organic coffee
  • Organic cane sugar
  • Natural chocolate flavor

Pretty good ingredients, although I have to say that whatever was used for the natural chocolate flavor tasted more like vanilla to me. Definitely not a bad thing, just something I observed (especially after doing the video review).


Chameleon is one of the most widely distributed cold brew coffee brands out there. I’m not saying this as a fact, it’s more of an observation that may very well be true too.

Pretty much every grocery store I shop at carries Chameleon. They have an online map here, and at the time of writing 48 of the 50 states all carry this cold brew. Oh, you can also buy it online by visiting the same link above.


I talked about the taste pretty extensively in the video, but to summarize, I thought it tasted nice. Not too sweet, coffee flavor not particularly pronounced, but a nice vanilla-esque flavor that both Veronica and I could get down with.

So is it worth a try?

Depends on who you are!

If you’re the type of person who is accustomed to drinking full-bodied, richly concentrated cold brew with no sugar added, you probably won’t like Chameleon’s Mocha Coffee too much. Same thing for somebody who is looking to replace their typical iced mocha from the local cafe.

If however, you like a coffee drink that is on the lighter side of things, caffeinated, and refreshing, the Chameleon Mocha Coffee is a great RTD cold brew coffee option to try out.

Leaps and bounds better than their original flavor if you ask me!


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  • I emailed Chameleon Cold Brew.
    I asked what “naturally flavored with other natural flavors” meant.
    What is actually in the drink.
    They said proprietary and they would not share.
    This makes me not want to purchase their products if they are not going to share
    where their “natural flavors” are sourced from.
    This was the Mocha clod brew

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