Califia Farms - Triple Shot Cold Brew











  • Contains almond milk
  • Not too sweet
  • Vegan
  • Non-GMO
  • Carageenan free
  • Gluten free


  • Weak coffee taste
  • Unpleasant aroma
  • Grainy and dry mouthfeel

I've had my eye on Califia Farms' cold brew coffee for awhile now and finally decided to give it a try despite my indifference towards almond milk. And yes, that's what distinguishes their cold brew from the competition: it contains almond milk.

With plenty of options, including the cafe latte, mocha, and cold brew flavors, I decided on one of Califia Farms' newest offerings: the “triple shot”.

The Review


I realize we aren't necessarily the target market for a product like this since we drink milk and mostly enjoy our coffee without any additives, but we still found the taste to be rather disappointing.

We found the coffee flavor to be really lacking and nothing about this was reminiscent of cold brew coffee. It almost makes me wonder if this is just a marketing gimmick on Califia Farms' part, as cold brew is the hottest (no pun intended) thing in the coffee world right now.

There is almost no information about how the coffee is brewed aside from a totally inaccurate quote on the product page that says: “The pros know that when it comes to coffee, the slower it's brewed, the better it tastes.”

Uh…totally not true.

And even if it were true, why not tell the consumer a little bit about how you're brewing the coffee and WHY slow makes it better?


I can't exactly remember what I paid for this little bottle, but after doing a little research I see that they sell their cold brew (48 ounces) for a little more than $4.


I can't knock on the ingredients because for the most part, they seem natural. Califia Farms also seems to genuinely want to make high-quality drinks with high-quality ingredients.

However, the list was just a little bit too long. I think when you add too much to the mix you retract from the actual product, which in this case, is cold brew coffee.


While you can't buy directly from the Califia Farms website at the time of this review, there are a few available options on Amazon.

You shouldn't have trouble finding Califia Farms' cold brew in high-end grocery stores like Whole Foods, but it might be a bit more difficult to find in some of the bigger stores.

In any case, they have a helpful store locator.

Final Thoughts

While I wasn't a big fan of the triple shot cold brew by Califia Farms, I won't count it out for those who love almond milk in their coffee. I also plan to try some of their other flavors to see if I have a different experience, so stay tuned for those.

If you are looking for ready-to-drink cold brew coffee, I wouldn't recommend the Califia Farms triple shot.

If however, you are looking for ready-to-drink coffee option that contains almond milk, then you may want to give this a try. If it were me though, I'd give one of their more-established flavors a try first (like the mocha, latte, or normal cold brew).

Tried it?

If you've tried the Califia Farms Triple Shot Cold Brew please let me know what you thought by leaving a comment below. I respect all opinions!