Coffeemaker Showdown 002: Hario V60 vs. HIC 3-hole Dripper

Hario V60 vs. HIC

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One of my favorite books on coffee is The Blue Bottle Craft of CoffeeIn it, the author and founder of Blue Bottle Coffee, James Freeman, claims that the best way to manually brew drip coffee is with a Bonmac Dripper. Well, he doesn’t quite say this. Here’s the quote:

“There are a few options in drippers: the single-hole dripper, the three-hole dripper, and the big-hole dripper. We like the ceramic single-hole drippers made by Bonmac. This lets the coffee spend the optimal amount of time in contact with the water. In all of my travels in Japan, the cafés that I’ve been the most consistently inspired by have used this type of dripper. It is simple, inexpensive, old-fashioned, and has been tested by decades of use. The drippers with a large hole (often made by Hario and referred to by the model name V60) are experiencing an uptick in popularity in the United States, primarily (in my opinion) because they produce a cup of coffee more quickly. The downside is that it’s very difficult, though not impossible, to control the pour so the water spends enough time in contact with the coffee. I haven’t been to a single café in Japan that uses V60s.”

OK James, well before I put your theory to the test, I thought I’d test a large hole dripper (the Hario V60) against a 3-hole dripper.

The question: which makes a better cup of coffee, the large single-hole dripper or the 3-hole dripper?

I did a taste test, but it wasn’t blind

Before comparing the small hole Bonmac dripper to the larger hole of the Hario V60, I thought it would be best to compare a 1 hole dripper to a 3-hole dripper, so that’s what I started with.

All variables were the same for both cups. Same grind. Same water temperature. Same coffee. Same amount of water. You get the picture.

IMG_2676 Hario V60 vs. HIC


The winner?

It was a really tough choice because there were so many similarities between the two cups of coffee, but ultimately I went with the Hario V60 cup because I felt that the HIC cup was so bright that it was almost sour.

I thought the V60 brought out more desirable tastes, so the round 1 winner goes the single hole dripper.

Next, it will be a showdown between the V60 and the Bonmac. The distinctions? Glass vs. Ceramic and large hole vs. small hole. Let’s see if this makes a difference.


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