Coffeemaker Showdown 006: Hario V60 vs. Kalita Wave 185

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Hario V60 or Kalita Wave?

I hear this question pop up again and again from those who are looking for the best pour over coffee maker. I wish the answer were simple, but the reality is that it always depends.

Having said that, I still wanted to see which of these two coffee makers made the better-tasting coffee under the most controlled conditions that I could muster.

How These Coffeemaker Showdowns Work

If this is your first coffeemaker showdown, welcome! Basically, I take two coffee makers and declare a winner amongst the 9 rating categories I normally look at in my reviews.

Price, coffee quality, coffeemaker quality, durability, brew speed, versatility, appearance, ease of use, and cleaning ease.

But first, let’s take a look at the experiment I ran:


Originally, I was going to do 3 grind settings but I decided to abort the last one because the V60 already proved itself to be the winner in this experiment.

Medium-Coarse Grind Results
  • Hario Pour took 2:03, total brew took 2:43
  • Kalita Pour took 2:17, total brew took ~2:54
  • 42 gram bloom (~45 seconds)
  • 3 pours after bloom: 42,100,170
  • Taste winner: V60
  • Kalita drinking temperature was 3˚F hotter at around 143˚F
Medium Grind Results
  • Hario Pour took 2:23, total brew took 2:38
  • Kalita Pour took 2:29, total brew took 2:45
  • 41 and 43 gram bloom in ~45 seconds
  • 2 pours after bloom
  • Taste winner: V60
  • Kalita drinking temperature was 5˚F hotter at around 146˚F


The V60 is slightly less expensive than the Kalita Wave. The filters are also less expensive, although both of the brands’ respective filters are on the pricier-side when compared to something that Melitta would bring you.

Winner: Hario V60

Coffee Quality

Take this with a grain of salt please. While the V60 won according to my personal preferences in this one small scenario, don’t count the Kalita Wave out, because I do believe it can just as easily make a better-tasting cup of coffee under different conditions.

Winner: Hario V60

Coffee Maker Quality

No winner here. It really just comes down to whether you prefer stainless steel or plastic. As noted above, the stainless steel retains heat better than the glass. So if coffee that is a little bit hotter suits you, the Kalita Wave would be the way to go.

Winner: none

Ease of Use

Even though theV60 won both of my taste tests, I actually think it’s easier to do a pour over with theKalita Wave because of the slower extraction time. With smaller holes at the bottom of the dripper, your flow rate will have less of an impact on the final cup of coffee from what I’d imagine. The V60 definitely has a steeper learning curve.

Winner: Kalita Wave

Cleaning Ease

No differences here. The glass may retain more coffee oils, but as far as I’m concerned they both just need to be rinsed with warm water and dried out.

Winner: none


Stainless steel holds up better than glass when you drop it in your sink. But this is thick glass, so unless you’re super clumsy both of these coffee makers will hold up for the long haul.

Winner: Kalita Wave

Brew Speed

Yep, the Hario V60 because of it’s larger hole.

Winner: Hario V60


Hard to pick one here, they are both incredibly elegant-looking.

Winner: none


As pour over coffee makers, the versatility of the coffee you make is almost entirely in your control.

Winner: none

Final Round

If we were to compare this coffeemaker showdown to a boxing match it would probably be like Pacquiao and Mayweather…although Mayweather won the first time around, it could go either way the next time.

My point? These are both great coffee makers, and no matter which one you choose, you’d be making a great choice.

If you’re just getting into pour over coffee

Then I’d recommend the Kalita Wave given its friendliness with your heavy hand pours. This would be the pour over method I’d choose for a kettle that doesn’t have a gooseneck, because I think with a heavier flow rate the smaller holes can slow down the extraction sufficiently.

To buy the Kalita Wave on Amazon, click the button below:

If you are really serious about pour over coffee and want to master the craft

The V60 is the best option here if you ask me. And I suppose it’s kind of backwards given the fact that it’s slightly less expensive.

I wouldn’t choose the V60 if I didn’t have a gooseneck kettle though. I can just see extraction times that are way too short happening, and this won’t make great coffee.

To buy the Hario V60 on Amazon, click the button below:

Have questions? Comments?

Please share below, I’d love to help and/or hear from you!



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