Coffeemaker Showdown 005: Bialetti Moka Pot vs. Aeropress

Aeropress vs Bialetti

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I’m going camping this weekend, and I’ll be drinking a lot of brews. No, not coffee. Beer! At Anderson Valley’s annual Beer Fest…check it out.

But I will still be needing my morning coffee, especially the day after the festival if you know what I mean. So which coffee maker should I take on my camping trip?

Well, I thought it would be fun to do a quick coffeemaker showdown between two incredibly popular coffee makers: The Aeropress and the Bialetti Moka Pot to help me in my decision.

How These Coffeemaker Showdowns Work

If this is your first coffeemaker showdown, welcome! Basically, I take two coffee makers and declare a winner amongst the 9 rating categories I normally look at in my reviews.

Price, Coffee Quality, Coffeemaker Quality, Durability, Brew Speed, Versatility, Appearance, Ease of Use, and Cleaning Ease.

Ew. That looked weird with every word capitalized. Sorry about that.

Let’s get started!


The cost of both of these coffee makers is almost too good to be true. The Aeropress is a flat $25 while the Bialetti is as little as $30.

The Aeropress wins here, but not by much!

Winner: Aeropress

Coffee Quality

This is the big one for me. At the time of writing, I only did one taste test and the Aeropress was my favorite.

The coffee these two coffee makers produce is very similar in that they each are pretty concentrated. The Bialetti is a bit more oily and silty, like a French Press while the Aeropress is quite clean but still has a syrupy mouthfeel.

I diluted both of them in my taste test and used the same amount of coffee and roughly the same amount of water.

In the end, this may just be personal preference but I liked the Aeropress better. More data to come though!

Winner: Aeropress

Coffee Maker Quality

The Bialetti is almost 100% aluminum (plastic handles) and is made in Italy.

The Aeropress is 100% BPA free plastic and is made in the USA.

Really, it comes down to your preference in materials here…so no winner as far as I’m concerned.

Winner: None

Ease of Use

The Bialetti is very straightforward, although you do have to keep an eye on it and make sure it’s removed from the heat at the right time.

The Aeropress is also straightforward, but if you mess something up it will create a literal mess. User error is possible with both, but given the more hands-on nature of the Aeropress, I’d say the Bialetti wins here.

Winner: Bialetti

Cleaning Ease

While the Bialetti is definitely easy to clean, there is no easier-to-clean coffee maker in the world than the Aeropress. Just push the puck out and give it a quick rinse. Done.

Winner: Aeropress


Again, it’s very close (why do you think I decided to do a coffeemaker showdown between these two?), but the Bialetti’s gasket/filter needs to be replaced over time.

The only thing that the Aeropress would conceivably need a replacement for is the rubber end of the “plunger.” I’ve heard of people having to replace this, but in the years I’ve own the coffee maker I’ve never had to replace it.

Winner: Aeropress

Brew Speed

The Bialetti takes at least 10 minutes. The Aeropress takes less than 5, depending on how fast you can heat up your water.

Winner: Aeropress


I love the simplicity of the Bialetti, as well as it’s all-silver aluminum body. The Aeropress is kind of ugly if you ask me.

Winner: Bialetti


The Aeropress can be brewed upside down, right-side up, and maybe even sideways (ok, maybe not). You can also easily adjust your coffee water ratios, bloom, # of stirs, and pressing pressure.

The Bialetti is pretty limited though in terms of what you can adjust. You can only brew one way.

Winner: Aeropress

Final Round

OK, so it looks like the Aeropress pretty much knocked out the Bialetti in this coffeemaker showdown. But that doesn’t mean the Bialetti isn’t a great coffee maker. It’s just that the Aeropress is truly¬†that¬†good.

If I were to compare it to the Mayweather/Pacquiao fight, which is this weekend by the way, on any given day either one of these coffee makers could win. Of course, I don’t know the outcome of the fight yet…so that’s another story.

So for now the winner is the Aeropress, but I expect a rematch in the near future. Especially in regards to the coffee quality, which I plan to test on more people.

Buy the Aeropress on Amazon here:


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  • Bialetti takes 10 minutes? Are you trying to heat it with a lighter?

    I got the stainless steel version of the Bialetti (Venus) and I can clean it and fill it in about 1:30, then I put it on the stove for almost 2 minutes and it’s done.

    The Aeropress which I also own, needs at least double the amount of coffee (more waste, more expensive to operate), takes longer to clean, more parts to clean and requires a lot more labor to operate.

    You are also VERY wrong about the versatility. The versatility is the best reason to get the Bialetti. I have two. I have one for home use (stainless), one for camping (alu, because of the weight). You can place it on charcoal, you can put it on a gasoline, alcohol or a gas burner, it works on a bbq. It works everywhere.

    Just don’t buy the alu version of the Bialetti for normal use, buy stainless.

    The stainless Bialetti Venus which will last several lifetimes, costs about 25 euro’s, the Aeropress around 40 euro’s for a piece of plastic which requires pieces of paper to function which leave a bit of a ‘meh’ taste.

    • Are you including all of your steps there? I find that 10 minutes is probably about right for how I brew in the Moka. I find I get the best (least bitter) results if I pre-boil the water, then fill the water chamber with boiling water, add the coffee, and then make the coffee on a fairly low heat… say about setting 2-3 on may electric stove. With those settings and including the initial boil, ten minutes is about right. There might be some ways you can speed that up, but 2 minutes sounds way too fast to me (Though it would be awesome if I could get a great cup out of it that fast.

  • Thanks for this perfect – and well-written – piece! After several days of French Press frustration, I debated whether to replace the Aeropress rubber plunger or resurrect the Bialetti. Your review totally nailed my decision. I’ll replace the plunger for sure. BTW, if you like full flavored but not burnt coffee, try this brand: Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi Turkish Coffee. It’s at the Berkeley Bowl but Amazon can probably deliver. And, you can buy a reusable Aeropress filter. I’ll keep my Bialetti as back up.

  • I love the taste of coffee that the aeropress makes, however when I have to make more than 1 cup of coffee I’m having a hard time deciding which coffeemaker to go with to try to match the taste of an aeropress. Would you recommend the Bialetti for the purpose of more coffee at once, or is there something else that I could try?
    Thoughts please!

  • Oh, could you imagine a 6-cup Aeropress? It would have to come with a lever contraption! LOL!

    Love my Aeropress AND my Bialetti. Yes, the moka pot takes about 5-6 minutes to heat. I found if you heat the water too fast, it doesn’t taste right as it passes through the grounds too quickly. YMMV.

  • Hmmm. Moka pot does not require a filter too. Winner Moka pot.

    10 minutes? …. takes me about 5-6 minutes.

    I love my Moka pot. From what I read on other sites (ok I have not tried the Aeropress yet) is that both are great but different.

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