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Stumptown House Blend













  • Nice body
  • Tasty when brewed with Aeropress
  • Not bad for espresso


  • Little complexity
  • Flat flavor
  • Weak aroma

I like Stumptown Coffee Roasters…a lot. The thing is, I almost always buy the same blend: the Hair Bender, because frankly, it’s so damn good.

I decided that it’s time to expand my Stumptown horizons a bit, so during my last visit to my local grocery store I decided to pick up a bag of Stumptown’s House Blend.

My first brew ended up being one week after the roast date, and I tried it via several different brewers and brew methods.

Via auto drip coffee maker

I first gave the house blend a try with my auto drip coffee maker, the Brazen Plus, and I was a little bit disappointed.

Although this is a medium roast, I found that most of the flavor profile was masked in my final cup of coffee.

The coffee itself wasn’t bad, but to me there was very little complexity.

The chocolate was definitely noticeable, but I had a hard time picking up much of anything else even after brewing under different parameters (grind and temperature) in subsequent brews.

Via AeroPress

The AeroPress is definitely popular for good reason. The coffee that comes out of it is just so…unique.

Unfortunately, I didn’t take any notes on the brew parameters, but I definitely got my best cup of coffee from the House Blend when I brewed with the AeroPress.

I picked up some floral notes and nuttiness this time around, so the AeroPress definitely brought out more of the House Blend’s complexity.

Via Espresso

I wasn’t really expecting to pull a great shot out of the House Blend because there weren’t any implications from Stumptown that this would be a recommended brew method for this blend.

However, I was able to pull some decent shots where I picked up on dark chocolate and cola notes.

My best shot was pulled in 32 seconds at 200˚F. I used the #15 grind setting on my Breville Smart Grinder Pro.

Stumptown House Blend Ratings

No video for this review, but I hope to get back to that for my next review. In any case, here are my scores in the 5 rating categories I’m currently using to evaluate the coffee I review.


This is not a coffee blend that I would describe as bright or fruity. According to Stumptown there should have been some plum and cherry in the flavor profile, but I really wasn’t picking this up.

The Aeropress hinted at some potential fruitiness, but ultimately I didn’t find the acidity to be anything worth raving about.

Score: 2.5


This wasn’t really a coffee that lingered or left any new flavors after the initial sip. Pretty much chocolate throughout the whole experience, with some butter and nutty notes peeking here and there.

Score: 3


The beans themselves smelled great, especially once they were freshly ground. Post-brew however, the aroma was less impressive and somewhat flat.

Score: 3


The House Blend had a nice body that was especially noticeable in espresso form.

Score: 4.5


As much as I like dark chocolate, I quickly got bored with the flavor of this coffee. Even when the beans were only a week old I felt that there was something missing from the flavor of this coffee. It was really hard to bring out any kind of complexity.

It wasn’t bad, but it didn’t wow me.

Score: 2.5

Final thoughts

This was the first coffee I’ve had from Stumptown that I wasn’t really impressed with. Maybe I just got a bad batch at the wrong time of year (the beans rotate depending on the season), but I was honestly expecting more from such a great roaster.

I do however think this is a good blend if you are accustomed to darker roasts and would like to start exploring lighter roasts. It’s a nice transition in that regard and it works very well when brewed via AeroPress and unexpectedly well as an espresso.

Tried this blend? Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment below!


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  • I am currently having a cup of stumptown house blend and like you was not impressed compared to some of their other offerings. I must say you nailed the review and could not have described this blendmore accurately.

      • Same, I needed to read this! I’ve had a beef with this blend for about a year and the best I could come up with is “it’s missing flavors, it gets so thin tasting a few sips in.” I feel the same about the body, looks so good in the cup. *I usually have drip.

  • Hi Benji, was wondering what grinder settings you would recommend for Hairbender espresso with the Breville smart grinder pro?

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