Coffee Review: Blue Bottle Coffee – Roman Espresso

Blue Bottle Roman Espresso

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Blue Bottle Coffee - Roman Espresso













  • Fruity
  • Dark chocolate notes
  • Thick body
  • Rich crema


  • Hard to dial in, not very forgiving in terms of grind
  • Not great when brewed as a coffee

Picked up the “Roman Espresso” by Blue Bottle a few weeks ago and decided to give it a go with a review.

Since I’m still very new at this, it was definitely tricky trying to articulate what I was tasting from the espresso I pulled. However, it was evident right off the bat that this isn’t a very forgiving blend if you don’t have things dialed in correctly.

In fact, it took me about 4 tries to finally pull a decent espresso.

I found that this blend in particular required a slightly finer grinder than some of the other espresso blends I’ve recently tried.

The video won’t tell you much, but I think seeing the shot itself can give you a little bit of a sense for the body of this blend.

It’s very full-bodied, for sure, but I wasn’t blown away by the flavor of the shot itself.

I did pick up some nice dark chocolate notes along with some citrusy ones, but it was pretty hard to put my finger on what “fruit” I was tasting exactly.

After trying this espresso for myself I did a little bit of research around the web to see what others were finding. Turns out, this blend benefits from longer pulls and lower shot temperatures according to other reviewers.

I’m not sure if I’ll revisit the Roman Espresso or not, but I will definitely update this review with more information if I do end up purchasing this blend again.

Brewing Tools

If you’re interested in what I used to pull my Roman Espresso shots, the full list is right below.

Grinder: Breville Smart Grinder Pro

Espresso “Machine”: Mypressi Twist

Tamper: Espro Flat Base


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