Coffee Maker Showdown 004: Behmor Brazen Plus vs. Bonavita BV1900ts

Brazen Plus vs. Bonavita BV1900ts

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When you own two great auto drip coffee makers, you know that you’re going to have to get rid of one of them. It just isn’t practical to own two coffee makers that accomplish the same thing, especially when you have no room in your tiny kitchen.

So how do I decide which coffee maker to keep? With a coffee maker showdown, of course!

This is my fourth iteration of the head-to-head coffee maker duel, and its a big one because it compares two of the most popular auto drip coffee makers on the market right now: the Brazen Plus by Behmor and the BV1900ts by Bonavita.

Both are SCAA Certified. Both make great coffee. Both are easy to use. But which one is the right choice?

Well, I hope this coffee maker showdown guides you to an answer.


If this were labeled as value, the Brazen Plus would win by a landslide because of all of the features it packs in. But since we’re just talking about price, the Bonavita 1900ts squeaks by at around $180 vs. the $200 Brazen Plus.

Winner: BV1900

Coffee Quality

You only have to watch the video above to know that the Brazen Plus won during the blind taste test. Plus, given all of the customizations that the Brazen Plus offers, it wouldn’t be too difficult to produce a coffee that tastes better than the static coffee of the BV1900.

Winner: Brazen Plus

Coffee Maker Quality

This is a tough one, because I think both of these coffee makers are very well made. To me, it’s mostly a question of the materials that are being used…and since the Brazen Plus has a stainless steel water reservoir I think it’s the winner here.

The BV1900 does have one of the best carafes I’ve ever used though.

Winner: Brazen Plus

Ease of Use

Neither one of these coffee makers is difficult to use, but the BV1900ts just has one switch. It really doesn’t get any easier than that.

Winner: BV1900

Cleaning Ease

The condensation buildup on the showerhead and reservoir lid make the Brazen Plus a little bit more difficult to clean, but not by much.

Winner: BV1900


I haven’t owned either coffee maker long enough to make any conclusions about its durability. Both companies however, offer fantastic support and strong warranties.

Winner: neither


The BV1900 looks great, and takes up very little space making it the winner of this category in my opinion.

Winner: BV1900

Brew Speed

The BV 1900 brewed 2 cups of coffee in two minutes in my most recent test. The Brazen Plus took 6-7 minutes to do the same thing.

Winner: BV 1900


No contest here. The Brazen Plus pretty much has more features than any other coffee maker out there. Gives you almost complete control of your brew.

Winner: Brazen Plus

Final Score & Thoughts

Brazen Plus: 3

BV 1900: 5

Same score as Coffee Maker Showdown 001 with the Brazen Plus and BV1800.

Still, this doesn’t mean that I think the BV1900 is the better coffee maker.

You see, I place way more weight on coffee quality and versatility than I put on appearance and brew speed, so to me, the actual winner of this showdown is the Brazen Plus.

This isn’t to say the BV1900 is no good, but it’s my second choice when it comes to these two coffee makers.

Brazen Plus or Bonavita BV1900?

So if speed, appearance, ease of use, and price are most important to you, you may want to go with the BV1900.

If coffee quality and advanced features are most important to you, I’d go with the Brazen Plus.


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  • Thanks for the reviews. Getting my hubby a new coffeemaker and deciding to spend a bit more than the usual cheap coffeemakers that we usually go for and aren’t satisfied with. But don’t wanna spend $300-400 since we just have our morning cups and that’s it for us. Your reviews were very helpful. Probably gonna go for the Brazen Plus or Bonavita 1900TS. Your advice is much appreciated

    • No problem, Angela! Glad you found them helpful.

      One thing to keep in mind is that a good grinder will generally matter more than a good coffee maker. So you might want to consider that for next year 🙂

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