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Coffee Quality


Coffee Maker Quality


Ease of Use


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  • Great design that is available in multiple colors
  • Permanent mesh filter
  • Self cleaning function
  • Pause and serve/brew pause function
  • 3 Brew strength settings
  • Programmable


  • Leaking issues when filling the reservoir
  • Malfunctioning clock
  • Poor carafe handle design
  • Hot plate temperature is too high
  • Difficult/counter-intuitive programmability

Remember when Apple came out with the colorful iMacs in 1998? It was almost like the functionality didn’t matter, because these computers looked so damn good.

The color of the computer itself pretty much overshadowed everything. It was just something about those colors that grabbed everyone.

Fast forward 15 years and we arrive at the BELLA Dots series of programmable coffee makers by BELLA Housewares in Montreal. These coffee makers are colorful and incredibly appealing as a result.

But beauty is only skin deep as they say. So how does this coffee maker stack up in terms of performance and coffee quality? Let’s take a look.

Oh, there are two versions of this coffeemaker…the programmable and the non-programmable version. The programmable one is only 5 more bucks at the time of writing.

The Review

Please note: Although I am reviewing this coffee maker, I don’t have any personal experience with it. Instead, I use reviews from around the web to highlight the pros and cons of this coffee maker. While I do plan to eventually review this coffee maker personally, this disclaimer will remain here in the meantime. If you want to know more about how I review coffee makers, please go here.

As always, let’s start with the major pros and cons of the BELLA Dots highlighted by reviewers like you from around the web.

Lots of features = lots to talk about

This coffee maker looks to do it all. This is a good thing and a bad thing.

The good news is that because of this, it can satisfy almost any coffee drinkers’ needs. The bad news is that because there are so many functions, it is more likely that something could go wrong. And once we take a closer looks at some of the pros and cons (as well as the ratings), it will be come apparent that things certainly do go wrong with this coffee maker.

The finicky carafe

How often do we hear about coffee makers with bad carafes? Well, the Bella Dots coffee maker doesn’t avoid any criticism here in regards to its carafe. The carafe was the most cited issue with this coffee maker.

Broken handles. Paint chipping off the handle. Steam making contact with the hand during the pour. Difficult to remove the lid and clean. The list goes on.

Bottom line is that the carafe could end up being a deal breaker for many people who were considering this coffee maker.

It’s not rocket science…or is it?

A number of reviewers noted that this coffee maker is not very intuitive.

For example: you must press and hold the power button to turn it off. To program, one user noted that he/she had to keep the manual by the coffee maker’s side for weeks after starting to use it.

Do the functions outweigh the flaws?

I’ll let you decide. Here is the complete list of features the Bella Dots offers:

  • Programmability
  • Auto shut off
  • Hot plate
  • Pause and serve/brew pause
  • Strength adjuster
  • Serving size selector
  • Permanent filter

I may even be missing some features here because there are so many. But this is enough to get most people licking their chops.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a coffee maker that looks great, doesn’t take up too much space, and is packed with features, then the Bella Dots is a pretty small investment to make for potentially great coffee rewards.

If however you are looking for a coffee maker that can make the best possible coffee without too many complexities and malfunctions, you’d be better off looking elsewhere.

To buy the Bella Dots programmable coffee maker (or check out more reviews) on Amazon, click the link below:


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  • You need to go back and redo your set up for the program, as you have missed a step or you are wording it wrong. Once you get the program set, you neglected to state to set program timer press auto. Please put instructions in lay mans terms. Also someone is going to get burned the way the steam comes out the back of the lid if you are not watching what you are doing.

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