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2015 Coffee Gift Wishlist

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Continuing with 2015’s coffee gift guide series, today I figured I’d share my personal coffee gift wishlist.

In other words, if I had to get a coffee gift for myself, the following list contains the top 10 things I’d pull the trigger on.

While I consider myself to be a coffee enthusiast, there are definitely things on this list that I think coffee drinkers at all levels could benefit from. Today, I’m counting down backwards just to build up some fake anticipation for the #1 spot.

So let’s get into it!

10. Bodum Double Wall Glasses

Bodum Double Wall Glasses

I used to own a pair of these beautiful cups from Bodum, but both of them shattered into itty bitty little pieces when they were inevitably dropped. It was a sad, sad day.

The major benefit of these cups is that because of the double wall design, there is no need for a handle because the heat doesn’t get transferred through to your hand when you hold the cup.

Another thing I love about these coffee cups is that you can see right into the soul of your cup of coffee. The transparency is particularly fun when you’re brewing up some AeroPress.

9. Yama Glass Siphon


Siphon coffee is one of the few brew methods I have yet to get into. This is largely attributed to the hassle involved in making coffee this way. Still, it doesn’t change the fact that I want a siphon!

Siphon brewing is super fun to watch and results in one of the cleanest cups of coffee you could brew. In terms of body, it is the complete opposite of what you would get from French Press coffee.

I couldn’t tell you exactly why I had this particular siphon in my crosshairs, but it’s probably attributed to the relatively low price and positive reviews. Plus, this is the same company that makes the beautifully designed cold brew coffee towers (Kyoto), so they must know a thing or two about making a quality siphon…right?

8. The Coffee Roaster’s Companion

Coffee Roaster's Companion

I’ve been told that if there’s one book about coffee roasting you should read it’s The Coffee Roaster’s Companion by Scott Rao.

My sense is that while this book isn’t necessarily the best place for a beginner roaster, it is a culmination of expert roasting advice from some of the best in the business.

I’ll probably also invest in Kenneth David’s roasting book, which is geared more towards the beginner from my understanding.

7. Water for Coffee

To say that water is important when it comes to great coffee is an understatement. Water is a critical component when it comes to making coffee, and it’s frankly surprising how little water is talked about.

Water for Coffee is co-authored by Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood and Christopher Hendon, two guys that bring a respective coffee and science background to this new book about water’s role in making coffee.

Here’s an interesting talk by Maxwell on the topic of water at the 2015 SCAA Symposium:

6. The World Atlas of CoffeeThe World Atlas of Coffee

The World Atlas of Coffee is a coffee book that I can’t stop hearing about. It’s written by James Hoffman of Square Mile Coffee Roasters and (his personal blog).

Looking at the book’s table of contents, I can’t believe how thorough this book is in terms of growing regions, brewing methods, roasting, and any other coffee topic you could possibly think of.

This will without a doubt be the next coffee book I purchase (if somebody doesn’t buy it for me first)!

5. Keepcup


I love the way this little glass travel mug looks. I also think it’s a great concept because most thermal travel mugs mask the coffee’s aroma, and thus, the coffee’s flavor profile itself.

If you’re less concerned with keeping your coffee scorching hot and more concerned with preserving your coffee’s flavor, the Keepcup might be a good option for your coffee travel needs.

4. Crossland CC1 Espresso Maker

For those who have been following me awhile, you may have noticed I make my espresso with a MyPressi Twist, which is a handheld espresso maker that operates with nitrous oxide cartridges.

While I love my MyPressi, it isn’t an efficient way to make great espresso when compared to a good semi-automatic machine.

The Crossland CC1 is the semi-automatic espresso machine I’ve had my eyes on, but it could be awhile before I find room for an espresso maker, so who knows if this will change when I finally get around to purchasing one.

3. acaia Pearl

Acaia Pearl

While a fancy gram scale like the acaia Pearl isn’t quite at the top of my list, it’s very close.

I’ve wanted one for more than a year now, primarily because of its automatic ratio calculator and flow rate data collection. For people like me who are trying to nail down their brew consistency without having to spend too much time with manual data collection, the acaia Pearl seems like a dream solution.

You can buy the acaia Pearl from their website.

2. Lido Hand Grinder

The Lido 3

I still haven’t found the perfect grinder, which is the main reason the Lido 2 or Lido 3 hand grinders from Orphan Espresso sit at the top of my wishlist.

Not only are they very portable, but they grind both quickly and consistently. I’m not sure what else you’d want from a hand grinder.

You can buy a Lido from Orphan Espresso’s website here.

1. Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster

Gene CafeOriginally, I had the Behmor 1600 on my wishlist as my first coffee roaster, but I couldn’t stop hearing about the Gene Cafe and what a great coffee roaster it is.


So right now, this is what I’m really saving up for because I want to start roasting my own beans.

So what’s on your coffee wishlist?

If there were one coffee-related item you could own, what would it be? In other words, what is the one coffee gift you would get for yourself?

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