Coffee Experiment: Medium Roast Brew Temperature – 195˚F vs. 200˚F

Coffee Experiment: Brew Temperatures for Medium Roast Coffee

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What is the best brew temperature for a medium roast coffee?

I can’t remember where I heard it, but allegedly higher brew temperatures are best for light roasts, while lower brew temperatures are better for dark roasts.

At this point, it’s merely anecdotal though, which is why I decided to run a little experiment.

The question?

Does brewing medium roast coffee at lower temperatures result in better-tasting coffee? Or the opposite? Or perhaps nothing changes?

Let’s find out!

Experimental Parameters

  • 20 grams of medium-fine ground coffee
  • 195˚F brew temperature for cup A
  • 200˚F brew temperature for cup B

Have you compared brew temperatures with your coffee?

Water temperature plays a critical role in the resulting cup of coffee…so have you experimented with different temperatures?

If not, what’s holding you back?

Go ahead, test for yourself and please share you results in the comments section below. I’m really curious to know if you pick up any discernible differences.

P.S. blind is taste tests are always better


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Table of Contents

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