Coffee Experiment: Making Hot Coffee With Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate

Making Hot Coffee with Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate

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The guys behind the Bruer recently conducted a cool (literally) experiment about making a hot cup of coffee using cold brew coffee concentrate.

An interesting idea considering some people don’t like their coffee cold, but could very easily fall in love with cold brew concentrate in hot form.

I encourage you to check out the original experiment on the Bruer blog if you’d like to try and replicate this experiment yourself. Oh, and you could try this with any cold brew coffee concentrate…it doesn’t have to be slow drip.

Experimental parameters

  • 60 grams of finely ground dark roast coffee
  • 350ml of ice water
  • Equal parts boiling water in the final cup

Tools used in this experiment

Try this experiment? What were your results?

I’d love to hear your thoughts, questions, feedback, or whatever! Please share in the comments below. Check out reviews of the Cold Bruer Drip Coffee Maker on Amazon.


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  • Can you use cold brew coffee beans to brew hot coffee? We have Starbucks cold brew beans but aren’t sure how it would taste?

    • Hey Susan,

      Yes, absolutely!

      In fact, it’s just a marketing gimmick that Starbucks is selling any coffee beans labeled as “cold brew coffee beans”, since you can use any coffee beans to make cold brew coffee. It’s kind of similar to coffee places that sell “espresso beans”. There is no such thing as “espresso beans”, since coffee is coffee.

      Now, the beans they’re selling as “cold brew beans” are probably a blend of bean varieties that make a nice cold brew, but that doesn’t mean it won’t taste good as hot coffee too. Give it a try, I don’t think you really have anything to lose except maybe a little bit of coffee for experimentation!

  • Hi Benji – I’ve recently started making cold brew which I drink cold with a dash of milk – I find it quite refreshing and prefer the absence of bitter taste. However, in the last couple of days I have become confused by the fact that I hear people cold brew coffee then drink it hot! Is the intention that cold brewing simply makes a concentrate that is used to make hot coffee or is it equally intended to be consumed cold?

    • Hey Rebecca,

      Good question. I think some people like to use cold brew concentrate to make hot coffee because it keeps well and/or allegedly has less acid (personally, my stomach does not agree). If it makes things more convenient for you, then by all means go for it. Otherwise, I would say that cold brew coffee concentrate is usually meant to be used for cold coffee drinks 🙂

  • I do this all the time, making hot cold brewed coffee. I use 2 oz of coffee and 6 oz of hot water. I use the microwave to heat up a bit more and it never reaches a boil or else it would taste burnt. It’s great. I cold brew coffee and steep at room temperature for about 18 hours, sometimes a little less. I find the coffee is smoother when cold brewed and my husband likes coffee cold, so it really works fine for both of us. After the batch I’m doing now, we’re going to do cold brew 100% Kona coffee- I’m pretty excited about that.

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