Coffee Experiment: Testing Coffee Pour-Over Flow Rates

Coffee Experiment: Pour Over Coffee Method

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Everybody that makes pour-over coffee has his/her own special way of doing things.

Some folks like to make a little divot in the coffee before the pour, some don’t. Some people circle the water from the outside to the inside, some people circle from the inside to the outside. And then there are those who pour almost all of the water at once vs. those who pour a little bit at a time.

This last divide is the one I want to explore today. In other words, does the rate at which you pour your water affect the taste of your final cup of coffee?

My hypothesis: probably!

After all, this essentially ties in with┬áthe brew time, which has been tested time and again by coffee experts all over the world. They say it matters, so shouldn’t the rate at which the water flows matter too?

Let’s find out…

Coffee tools used in this experiment


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Table of Contents

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