Coffee Canister Review: The Airscape

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Cleaning Ease



  • Keeps most air away from coffee
  • Two lids for added protection
  • Easy to use
  • Available in two sizes
  • All stainless steel canister
  • Great customer service


  • Pricey
  • Getting to your coffee can be a pain

It’s time to get serious about how we store our coffee.

No more open bags of coffee. No more leaving beans in the grinder’s hopper. And for god’s sake, no more refrigerating coffee beans.

You need something that means serious business. Especially if you are spending more than $12 for a pound of coffee. You wouldn’t just take a $10 bill and burn it would you?

Didn’t think so. Now, make a vow today that you will start keeping your coffee as fresh as possible.

Know coffee’s enemies

Air, light, heat, and moisture are coffee’s arch enemies. In other words, these are the elements that will have a negative impact on your coffee’s freshness.

So how do you keep the bad guys away?

Think: Cool, dark, dry place.

OK good…you’ve put your bag of coffee in the cupboard…now we’re getting somewhere.

But wait, what about air?

Glad you didn’t forget! Clearly, putting your coffee in a cupboard isn’t good enough if you want to keep your beans from air exposure.

Enter: an airtight container for your coffee.

Sure, you could use that…

Yeah, you could put your coffee in a tupperware container. Hey, maybe you could even store it in a ziplock bag.

However, none of these are going to prevent air from lingering in your coffee’s personal space.

This is why the Airscape rocks

OK, I realize this is starting to sound like a sales letter so let me just get to the point here:

The Airscape coffee canister by Planetary Design pushes air out of your coffee’s personal space. Watch the video review below to see it in action.

Is the Airscape for you?

Well, you may be shocked by my answer but what the hell: not necessarily.

If you buy pre-ground coffee at the store, the Airscape won’t do you any good. Why? Because pre-ground coffee already lacks freshness. In other words, once ground, coffee is already staling.

Do you go through your coffee quickly?

Well, this might be another circumstance where you probably don’t need an Airscape. By quick I mean one 12oz bag per week.

The Airscape’s effects are most noticeable in preserving coffee 2-3 weeks after roasting vs. 1-2 weeks.

In every other case however, the Airscape gets my vote as the only way you should be storing your beans. I think it’s well worth the price.

I already own two of them and plan to add at least one more to my collection. Mostly because my girlfriend has been storing her oatmeal in one of them. Grr.


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  • I have a couple of Airscape canisters as well. They work great, but I wholeheartedly agree that they’re not necessary for everyone. I bought my first one (64 oz size) several years ago, and it’s fantastic – thick metal canister, great seal, etc., but the second one which I bought earlier this year is quite flimsy in comparison. I thought maybe it was just a bad batch but I checked out three different stores and they were all the same – thinner metal to the canister, and the inner lid plunged down WAY too easily. The smaller 32 oz size has nice thick metal, however; it has the same quality of construction that I found several years ago.

    • Oh man 🙁

      Guess I’ll have to settle with the smaller version the next time I buy one…although I’m sure my tiny kitchen will appreciate it.

      Thanks for sharing, Margaret!

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