Cold Brew Coffee Review: Chameleon Cold Brew Espresso

Chameleon Cold Brew Espresso Review

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Chameleon Cold Brew Espresso Coffee











  • Simple, high-quality ingredients
  • Unique taste
  • Very little acidity
  • Widely available offline


  • Not really available online
  • Thin body/mouthfeel
  • Isn't the best straight cold brew option out there

My first experience with Chameleon Cold Brew coffee was not a good one.

Despite its simple ingredients, there was something about the flavor that reminded me of a mouthful of rubber bands.Chameleon Cold Brew Espresso

I also remember tasting it blindly next to some homemade cold brew, and it didn’t even come close. I wrote Chameleon off for a long time as a result of this.

But then one day I was at the grocery store and was suddenly tempted to try another one of their offerings (hey, I believe in second chances).

The specific flavor was theĀ Mocha cold brew. Let me say, it was a whole lot better.

Granted, I’m a chocolate fanatic, but I still think Chameleon redeemed themselves with thatĀ one.

With things on the rise, I decided to give another one of their “flavors” a try. “Espresso” is what I decided on, which brings us to this review.

The Review

The Ratings

This wasn’t the best Chameleon Cold Brew I’ve had, nor was it the worst. Let me try and quantify this cold brew across the rating categories I use for RTD coffee beverages.

You can learn more about how I rate cold brew and other RTD coffee here.


As you may have seen in the video review, I had a really hard time articulating what I was tasting in this cold brew coffee.

It was definitely a unique taste, but there wasn’t anything I found in the taste that had me begging for more.

Still, better than the original flavor, and slightly worse than the Mocha flavor.

Score: 3.5


Pretty standard price for RTD cold brew. I won’t mention it here (because I don’t want to lead you astray given fluctuating prices online and offline).

Score: 4.5


Water and organic fair trade coffee. All you need for cold brew coffee and frankly, all there should be in cold brew coffee.

Score: 5

AvailabilityChameleon Cold Brew Espresso

Very widely distributed. This is definitely one of the easiest RTD cold brew coffee brands to find offline.

However, pretty limited availability online at the time of publication.

Score: 4

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a nice caffeine kick this will definitely get the job done. Still, I wouldn’t recommend it for those with a sweet tooth. This is very simple cold brew with a very unsweet taste (I didn’t say bitter).

So far, I’m ironically a bigger fan of Chameleon’s flavored options. If you have a choice, I’d try one of those first before you move on to the simpler stuff (like the Espresso flavor).

Tried Chameleon’s Cold Brew Espresso before? Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment below!


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    Viewers input: don’t place mic right on Adam’s apple as to not expose your viewers to the sounds of your gulping lol.. Uhhh good review otherwise!! Haha

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