Chameleon Cold Brew





  • Cool name
  • Nice packaging


  • Bad taste
  • Needs a single serving option

Cold brew coffee seems to be everywhere these days. And Chameleon offers yet another cold brew option at your local grocery store.

I have already reviewed two other popular cold brew options earlier: Blue Bottle and Stumptown, so I was curious to see how this much pricier option compared.

Initially, I was pretty impressed. But ultimately, I changed my mind about this cold brew when I compared it to two homemade options.

A brief overview of the Chameleon Cold Brew

As far as the trivial details like presentation and packaging go, I think Chameleon does a great job. It really caught my eye at the grocery store for whatever reason.

While I don't remember how much I actually bought it for, I believe it retails around $11. Why so much more than the Blue Bottle and Stumptown alternatives? Well, it offers about 4 servings in each bottle.

Additionally, the instructions call for dilution of about a 1:1 ratio. In other words, a little goes a long way.

My thoughts

At first, I thought the Chameleon cold brew was pretty good. But then, I did a blind taste test comparing two batches of cold brew I made using slow drip and immersion.

Both of the cold brews I made were significantly better. I couldn't even take more than a few sips of the Chameleon.

I guess everything is relative, so if this is the first cold brew you ever tried I don't think you'd necessarily be disappointed, but there are definitely better options out there.

I'd go with Stumptown's Cold Brew over the Chameleon every time.


2/5 stars for the Chameleon. Just a little too pricey for something that just isn't very good.