Coffee Maker Showdown 001: Brazen Plus vs. Bonavita BV1800

Brazen Plus vs BV1800

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When you’re faced with decisions with a seemingly infinite number of choices, like which coffee maker to buy, it’s often helpful to get a complete side-by-side comparison of your two top choices.

So here we go, a new series of posts with head to head comparisons of the best coffee makers on the market.

In this first iteration I’ll be comparing’s all time best-seller, the Bonavita BV 1800 to its newest SCAA certified sibling, the Behmor Brazen Plus.

Check out the Brazen Plus on Amazon here.

Check out the BV 1800 on Amazon here.

Blind Taste Test

How this will work

Generally, I go over the pros and cons of the coffee makers I review and break down ratings in each of the 9 different rating categories I use.

This time, however, I will simply be giving a winner for each of the 9 categories, along with a summary of the final score. So let’s get to it!


Since we’re only talking about price and not value, the BV 1800 is the winner here at roughly $135. The Brazen Plus costs $200 at the time of writing.

Winner: BV 1800

Coffee Quality

This is a tough one because both coffee makers make great coffee. However, in my statistically insignificant blind taste test with my girlfriend, the Brazen Plus won in terms of the better cup of coffee brewed. I agreed, but I would like to run some more tests to see if the results are consistent across others (and more brews).

Whatever the results, the Brazen Plus lets you control temperature and pre-saturation which definitely influence the final cup of coffee.

Winner: Brazen Plus

Coffee Maker Quality

I’m going with the Brazen Plus here because of the stainless steel water reservoir, as well as the thermal carafe, which I think holds temperature better.

Winner: Brazen Plus

Ease of Use

With only one switch, there is no question that the BV 1800 wins here. It’s completely idiot-proof, whereas the Brazen Plus has a slight learning curve.

Winner: BV 1800

Cleaning Ease

If you’re using paper filters with the Brazen Plus, it’s definitely a close one here. However, since the Brazen Plus seems to have some leaky issues and condensation build-up, the BV 1800 wins here.

Winner: BV 1800


Neither of these coffee makers have broken yet. I had the BV 1800 for two years and it held up well before I sold it. The Brazen Plus has been running fine for two years as well, and is my current auto drip coffee maker (as of 10/22/15).

Winner : None…yet


This is another tough one, but I think I prefer the BV 1800’s looks. It really depends on your tastes though, I think they both look pretty good.

Winner: BV 1800

Brew Speed

The BV 1800 brewed 2 cups of coffee in two minutes in my most recent test. The Brazen Plus took 6-7 minutes to do the same thing. I realize this is because of the accurate temperature settings, but hey, it is what it is.

Winner: BV 1800


No contest here. The Brazen Plus pretty much has more features than any other coffee maker out there. Gives you almost complete control of your brew.

Winner: Brazen Plus

Final Score & Thoughts

Brazen Plus: 3

BV 1800: 5

While the BV 1800 won in more categories, the Brazen Plus still may be a better fit for you. Here’s what I’d say:

Like a quick and easy pot of coffee that tastes great? Go with the BV 1800.

Like a coffee maker with lots of features that gives you more control over the final output? Go with the Brazen Plus.

Which Coffeemaker Do I Use?

Currently, I’m using the Brazen Plus because of the brew controls it offers, as well as the slightly better cup of coffee.

Update: As of 10/22/15 I’m still using the Brazen Plus as my go-to auto drip coffee maker.

Check out the Brazen Plus on Amazon here.

Check out the BV 1800 on Amazon here.



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