Metric Coffee Co. - Bon Vivant Blend























  • Sweet when brewed under the right conditions
  • Versatile/consistent between brew methods


  • Very high acidity
  • Difficult to dial-in/not very forgiving
  • Minimal complexity

I'm trying something new today with a quicker coffee review than what I normally do. This is the Bon Vivant blend from Metric Coffee Company (Chicago, IL).

Check out the review in the video below. Transcript follows…

Today I’m taking a look at Metric Coffee Co.’s Bon Vivant blend. This seasonal blend contains Bourbon and Caturra varieties from Colombia and Tanzania. In past years, Metric Coffee Co., a Chicago-based roaster, used a combination of beans from Ethiopia, Kenya, and Colombia. Now that would have been a blend I enjoy, considering Ethiopia and Kenya are my two favorite coffee-growing countries.

This was yet another coffee that was sent to me through my MistoBox subscription. You can check out my review by clicking the link in the top right of the screen. Oh, and if you wanna get $10 off your first order just enter code BXUX at checkout!

So, back to the coffee…

The coffee in this blend comes from various small holder producers and is fully washed after harvest. The coffee cherries these beans came from were grown between 1200 and 1900 masl.

I mostly brewed this coffee in my AeroPress, but I also did some experimentation with drip and espresso through my Hario V60 and MyPressi twist respectively.

Overall, I found this blend to be pretty unforgiving and difficult to dial-in.

My best cup of coffee came through the AeroPress and was deliciously balanced. I got notes of green apple with a smokey finish. Although I got plenty of tartness out of the AeroPress, the V60 resulted in more subdued flavors. The best description I could give here would be that it tasted like coffee.

I don’t really remember how the espresso tasted, but my guess is that it was tart up-front and smokey at the finish, consistent with what I was getting in my best AeroPress brews.

Overall, the 2016 Bon Vivant blend was a little bit disappointing for me, mostly because it didn’t have the complexity I was seeking. I also had a really hard time replicating my best results, despite sticking to the exact same brew parameters.

I’d be willing to try this blend again if it consisted of the Ethiopia/Kenya/Colombia combo, otherwise I think it’s a pass for me.

General Notes & Observations

Roast: Medium
Producers: Various
Country of Origin: Colombia, Tanzania (for 2016 blend)
Region: Various
Variety: Caturra, Bourbon
Processing method: Washed/wet-process
Growing altitude: 1200-1900 masl
Aroma: No notes taken
Roaster tasting notes: No notes
Coffee Concierge tasting notes: Green apple, lemon, smokey


The Bon Vivant blend is ultimately best for those who like bright and/or simple flavors. This coffee is either very neutral or overly acidic in my opinion. I'd only try the Bon Vivant again if the blend re-introduced Ethiopian and Kenyan beans as they've used in years past.