Coffee Maker Review: Behmor Connected

Behmor Connected Review

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Behmor Connected




Coffee Quality


Coffee Maker Quality


Ease of Use


Cleaning Ease






Brew Speed





  • Heat-water-only setting (delay brew)
  • Easier to use than the Brazen Plus
  • New features added over time with firmware updates
  • Stainless steel water reservoir
  • Large showerhead
  • Brew delay
  • Altitude calibration
  • Programmable brew timer


  • Expensive
  • Only capable of brewing 6 or 8 cups
  • App interface could be a little better

Longtime Coffee Concierge readers know that my go-to auto drip coffee maker has been Behmor’s Brazen Plus for several years now. So when Behmor announced the impending release of the new Behmor Connected, few people were as excited as me to give it a try.

Could the integration with a smartphone app possibly make the Behmor Connected better than its predecessor, the Brazen Plus? Or does it take a step backwards?

Let’s find out…

Want to know more about the Brazen Plus? Read my full review here.

The Review

Full disclosure: Behmor sent me this coffee maker in exchange for a review. While I don’t want or think this will impact my review in any way, please be advised that I did not purchase this coffee maker.

No doubt if you’re looking into the Behmor Connected, you’re already familiar with the Brazen Plus. After all, they look almost identical and share many of the same features.

So your first burning question is likely:

“What’s the difference between the Brazen Plus and the Behmor Connected?”

Glad you asked, my friend. Let’s break down the distinctions.

1) App integration vs. built-in control panel

The biggest distinction between the Brazen Plus and the Behmor Connected is how the two coffee makers are controlled.

The Brazen Plus is controlled via 8 buttons and an LED screen on the front panel of the coffee maker, right above the brew basket.

The Behmor Connected is controlled via a smartphone app. It also has two buttons on the front panel of the coffee maker, but these buttons have nothing to do with customizing the brew. They are strictly for starting and stopping the brew cycle, as well as connecting to the WiFi network.*

*I’m told that the center button can also do the following:

  • Can be used as a non-app connected brew button. Can save brew profile in quick start and then touch the center button to brew with.

  • Holding in the center button for 10 seconds or so will take the brewer back to factory reset.

2) Brew timer vs. brew delay

The Brazen Plus has the option of setting a brew timer to make the coffee at the time the user designates.

The Behmor Connected now (as of 5/12/16) has a brew timer too, that is controlled directly through the app.

Initially, the Behmor Connected only had a “delay brew” feature, that allowed the user to heat up the water without beginning the brew cycle. This feature came in handy if you wanted to grind your coffee fresh as close as possible to the actual brew time.

I believe there are plans to combine the two features in a future firmware update, meaning that you’ll be able to set a timer to heat up the water only. However, since adding the brew timer feature, the delay brew feature is only available as a separate feature, meaning that they don’t work as a combination…yet.

I imagine this is only temporary though.

Specifications and Features

  • 15.5 inches tall with a 9 inch diameter circular base
  • Brews up to 8 (5 oz) cups of coffee
  • Thermal, stainless steel carafe
  • All stainless steel water reservoir with filter
  • Large showerhead with so many holes, I’m too lazy to count
  • Brew pause (i.e. you can temporarily remove carafe before brew cycle has finished)
  • Brew delay (heat up water only)
  • Adjustable brew temperature
  • Adjustable pre-infusion time
  • App notifications when coffee is ready
  • Brew timer
  • Altitude calibration
  • Firmware updates for future features

This last point is a big one because it will allow you to update your coffee maker’s features without having to physically upgrade the machine itself.

Future updates are handled through firmware updates handled by the app. One of these updates will allow users to use the Behmor Connected as an “electric kettle” for automating pour over patterns on manual brewing devices like the Chemex.

App option overkill

I think the app is pretty good so far. Definitely better than Mr. Coffee’s WeMo.

There is one thing I don’t like about it though, and that’s the 3-pronged menu you’re greeted with at the beginning.

Brew, Buzz, Craft.

Brew, Buzz, Craft

Which one do I press and what is the distinction?

Even after going through the manual, it still wasn’t intuitive to me. Having more than 1 option seems like overkill to me.

I imagine that this will be worked out in the future, but I think a short description under each option would be helpful for the user to understand the distinction between the 3 different settings.

By the way…

  • The “Brew” setting will choose a water temperature and pre-infusion time for you, based on a couple questions. This is meant for the non coffee geek.
  • The “Buzz” setting is still be under development but will include roasters coffees and their set brew recipes in the future.
  • The “Craft” setting is most similar to the original Brazen Plus. You choose the pre-infusion time and water temperature.

Simple calibration, with a catch…

One of the most underrated features of the Brazen Plus and Behmor Connected is its ability to calibrate for the user’s home altitude.

Many coffee makers do not heat water sufficiently at higher altitude given their one-size-fits-all approach to the coffee maker’s heating element.

Behmor on the other hand, takes water temperature very seriously, which is why this feature is especially important for those who live at high altitude.

With the Brazen Plus, calibrating your coffee maker required you to select roughly how many feet above sea level you live before starting the calibration process.

On the Behmor Connected however, this is not necessary.

Behmor Connected Calibration

Here’s a timelapse showing the calibration in action. That water is really boiling!


I do have a small grievance with the calibration though. When it was done calibrating, the water was not purged from the reservoir. So I tried to run a brew cycle to purge it and was met with this message:


Fortunately, after asking the folks at Behmor about this I was told that the reservoir can be purged by holding the center button until the illuminated ring turns blue.

You won’t be able to use the water you calibrated with for your next brew, so make sure you have some time to spare if you plan to brew up some coffee immediately after calibrating.  

A few other notes

  • Everyone in a household must sign in with the same user sign on ( I hear same as Nest thermostat requires)
  • Will only work on wifi that has a password (closed network). No open wifi. It won’t work presently with wifi passwords with symbols – only letters and numbers.
  • Estimated remaining brew time status displays during brewing. 

The Ratings

These are my ratings for the Behmor Connected across the 9 different rating categories I use. To learn more about how I rate coffee makers, click here.


The Behmor Connected is about 50% more expensive than its predecessor, the Brazen Plus. I personally don’t think the enhanced user experience that comes with the app is worth the additional cost, yet.

Granted, you’re also getting the added benefit of future features, like the programmable timer (integrated with delayed brew feature) through future firmware updates, but I still don’t think this is quite there yet as a value add. My opinion on this will likely change with future updates, but until then, this is where I stand.

I imagine the price may also go down in the future, but until then I think most people would go with the Brazen Plus based on price alone.

Score: 2

The Coffee Quality

Coffee quality usually has more to do with the person making the coffee than the coffee maker itself, and the Behmor Connected is no exception to this theory.

Having said that, the Behmor Connected still brews coffee to SCAA standards, and that’s good enough for me.

Score: 5

The Coffee Maker Quality

Behmor Connected Showerhead
Behmor Connected Showerhead

Yes, the Behmor Connected is a high-quality auto drip coffee maker.

Sure, it’s made in China and uses quite a bit of plastic (like the rest of the competition), however, the all stainless steel reservoir, large showerhead, and surprisingly dependable functionality with the app make the Behmor Connected top-notch in this department.

Score: 4.5

Ease of Use

If you really wanted to, you could press the button on the front panel of the coffee maker to get your next pot. But as I’ve already mentioned, doing this on a regular basis practically defeats the purpose of owning this coffee maker.

The app is pretty straightforward, but at the same time I feel like it definitely needs some work. And Behmor is totally aware of this (I was warned before receiving the coffee maker that there is still a lot of work to be done with the app), so I can’t really take away too much here.

What I will say is that I think the Behmor Connected is easier to use than the Brazen Plus. To me, this was enough to convince me to keep the Behmor Connected and give my Brazen Plus to a friend.

Score: 4.5 stars

Cleaning Ease

Behmor does not want you to use vinegar when cleaning this coffee maker, so don’t say you weren’t warned. Instead, they recommend that you use citric acid like Dezcal to run through the brewer during a cleaning cycle.

The carafe is also not dishwasher safe.

All areas of the brewer are pretty easy to access though. Just make sure you remember to put the carafe under the brew basket. If you forget this important step you’ll end up with a mess that looks like this:

Behmor Connected Mess

Score: 4


I’m always weary of the dependability of technology, especially when there are a lot of moving parts.

My biggest issue here is that if the app malfunctions, the Behmor Connected will lose a lot of what makes it worth using to begin with.

So far, the Behmor Connected has held up nicely, but I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t have some concerns here.

Score: 3.5 stars


Looks just as spaceship-y as the Brazen Plus, except it has a super bright light in the front that changes to all kinds of funky colors, depending on what stage of the brew cycle the coffee maker is currently in.

The good news is that this bright light will be muted in a future update to the firmware.

Score: 4

Brew Speed

Still slow.

6 cups of coffee took 10 minutes, which included a pre-infusion time of 45 seconds.

But you have to cut Behmor some slack here, the long brew time is really just a byproduct of heating the water sufficiently, which is something most auto drips fail to do.

Score: 3 stars


Versatility is the name of the game with the Behmor Connected.

Custom brew temperatures and pre-infusion times make it one of the most versatile coffee makers of its class.

I can’t give it a perfect score without a programmable timer though. I know it’s on the way in the next firmware update though, so I’ll be sure to update this score when the feature is added.

Score: 4.5

Is the Behmor Connected for you?

So is this the coffee maker for you? Let’s break it down.

If you:

  • Are comfortable and/or addicted to using a smartphone
  • Want to control your brew temperature or pre-infusion time
  • Don’t want to fidget around with too many buttons
  • Want to be able to make at least 6 cups of coffee at a time
  • Want new features in the future without having to upgrade your coffee maker

Then I highly recommend the Behmor Connected.

If you:

  • Don’t like the idea of using an app to control your coffee maker
  • Want to control your brew temperature or pre-infusion time
  • Are on a relatively tight coffee maker budget

Then I’d recommend the Brazen Plus over the Behmor Connected.

If you want an auto drip coffee maker that simply makes great coffee without anything more than the flip of a switch, my choice is the Bonavita BV1900.

For smaller doses (5 cups or fewer), I recommend the Bonavita BV1500.

Share your thoughts!

Own the Behmor Connected already? Have questions? If so I would love to hear from you. Please leave your questions or comments below.


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  • I purchased this coffee-maker with the highest hopes! I am both a technology geek and a coffee snob.
    1st – the positive. This makes some really, REALLY good coffee. Not a LOT of it relative to the counter top real estate – but awesome all the same.
    Now the IF!
    IF you want to put up with a small, non-warming, completely ineffectual carafe. It is difficult to pour from, easy to overwelm (read – spill it all over the counter) is not insulated so cools fast – and leaves a LOT in the pot!!!! IF you want to every single, bloomin’ time – press the button to brew or delay (read – no set and forget at a time and just handle exceptions)?
    I give this a 9/ 10 for coffee quality. 5/10 for APP ease of use. 3/10 for carafe efficiency…

  • Price


    Coffee Quality


    Coffee Maker Quality


    Ease of Use


    Cleaning Ease






    Brew Speed




    Just got my wife a Behmor connected brewer and she couldn’t be happier! She is a non techy person if there ever was one but she found the app easy to use and uses it daily to brew her coffee. It makes a superior cup of coffee to any other brewers I’ve had in the past, strong smooth and with excellent flavor.
    It look great on our counter in our modern kitchen, is easy to clean and seems like it will last a good long time.

    Very happy to be an owner!


    • Glad to hear it, Peter! I just recently started using the app again and it’s definitely much improved since its original version from a few years ago. Great that the coffee can upgrade its firmware over time.

      • Any thoughts on how it compares to the Brazen Plus now? Recent reviews on Amazon are mixed and some people are still frustrated with the app. More than a few also complained about issues with water spilling or leaking. Would be interested to hear if you still prefer the Brazen Plus over the Connected.
        Really glad I found your website and have been enjoying your posts. Thanks!

        • Hey Ray,

          I think they’re almost identical in terms of performance. I will say that I prefer using the built-in controls on the Brazen Plus over the app. This isn’t to say it’s easier per se, but I really don’t enjoy using my phone for literally every part of my life. I mostly use the Behmor Connected without the app. Aside from the occasional bluetooth disconnects, I haven’t had any issues with the app. In fact, when it’s syncing, it’s doing such a good job it’s almost scary (I was midflight once when I got a notification that my wife had turned the coffee maker on, thousands of miles away). Also haven’t experienced any leakage (yet?) going on 2+ years of use. At the end of the day, both are good coffee makers, though not sure the Connected really offers many advantages for the additional cost.

  • When using the Behmor connection brewer without connecting to WiFi and coffee has already brewed and done, I noticed the green light is still on can I just unplug from the wall or I’m I suppose to wait for the green light to turn off?

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