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Margaret Fischer has been studying music for 25 years, and has been drinking coffee (or what masqueraded as coffee) for even longer than that. The attention to detail that her musical training has instilled in her would likely make her the slowest barista in the world, because she takes her time to get all the details just right. Her favorite coffees are those that have a lot of complexity and depth - ones that make you slow down and really think about what you're drinking. She has been known to describe coffees with colorful phrases like, "Eeyore in a cup," "Legos," and "young woman wearing polka-dots and carrying daisies." Read more of her reviews at Coffee Cantata.
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Coffee Grinder Review: Baratza Virtuoso
6 years ago

Coffee Grinder Review: Baratza Virtuoso

This is a guest review by Margaret Fischer, an awesome coffee blogger who writes some of the best coffee reviews on the web. You can check out her blog at …
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