Allegro Cold Brew











  • Great taste
  • Simple ingredients
  • Good size


  • Limited availability

Today's cold brew coffee review comes straight from the cold brew coffee tap at Allegro Coffee's Berkeley, CA location.

Although I'm not reviewing the coffee shop itself, I will quickly say that it's one of the most modern shops I've ever been to.

Allegro uses equipment I've never even seen before, which may or may not have to do with the fact that their coffee is quite delicious.

In any case, today I'm reviewing Allegro Coffee's bottled cold brew coffee.

About Allegro Coffee Roasters

Allegro Coffee Roasters is a Boulder, Colorado based coffee roaster that has been in the coffee game since 1978.

Their Berkeley cafe and roastery (inside Whole Foods market) is one of three locations Allegro currently operates. At the time of this review, Allegro offers a selection of more than 40 single origins and blends.

They also offer cold brew coffee on tap that you can take home in a reusable growler.

And yes, this is what I'm reviewing here today.


You can learn more about how I review RTD coffee drinks (like this cold brew coffee from Allegro) here.


Ooh la la…muy sabroso!

This was easily one of the best cold brew coffee concentrates I've ever had.

Super fruity and chocolaty. It basically had everything I could possibly want in terms of taste.

Score: 5


Eek. Did I mention that I got this as a gift from mama? Unfortunately she didn't leave the price tag on it because she's such a great gift giver.

Score: n/a


Simply coffee and water. Doesn't get much better than that.

Score: 5



If you don't live in Berkeley, Boulder, or Brooklyn (hmm, Allegro must like cities that start with the letter B), I'm afraid you're out of luck until (and if) they start distributing this cold brew coffee nationally.

Score: 1

Tried this one?

My guess is that it's unlikely you've had the chance to try this delicious cold brew coffee given its limited availability.

If however, I'm wrong in that assumption, I'd love to hear what you think about it.

Just leave a comment below!

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