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  • Great coffee
  • Small footprint
  • Portable/great for travel
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Inexpensive
  • USA made
  • BPA free


  • All plastic
  • Only makes one cup of coffee

The AeroPress is one of the few coffee makers out there I think every coffee drinker should try at least once. In this review, I'll try and show you why.

I've been brewing coffee with the AeroPress for several years now, and it's still working just as great as the day I bought it.

For those who of you who have just been introduced to the Aerobie AeroPress (yes, it's made by that same frisbee company), meet the coffee maker with perhaps the biggest cult following in the entire coffee industry.

This ugly plastic coffee maker makes coffee unlike anything you've ever tried before and has basically created an entirely new brewing category that falls somewhere between immersion and pour over.

Sure, the AeroPress isn't necessarily for everyone, but given how versatile the AeroPress is, chances are good you'll be able to get the results you want from it with a little bit of practice.

What do I mean by versatile?

Well, in this case the versatility I speak of has to do with the way you brew with it. Many people brew right-side-up (as is recommended by Alan Adler, the coffee maker's inventor), and just as many, if not more, brew upside-down.

Some brew with SCAA recommended water temperatures, others stick to the manufacturer's guidelines of 175˚F.

Some people stir 20 times, others don't stir at all.

And I could go on and on and on.

Really, the reason this coffee maker is so versatile is because of how many different techniques have been adopted by its users. In fact, so many people love the AeroPress that there is actually a World AeroPress Championship that takes place at least once a year.

You can find all of the winning AeroPress recipes/techniques here (you'll notice not one is the same from competitor to competitor).


Below is a video of what came in my box. Keep in mind that there are tons of different combo packages that you can buy on Amazon. But your typical set will come with an Aeropress coffee maker, a tote, and something crazy like 350 filters.

AeroPress Review

The AeroPress is definitely one of the best investments I've ever made when it comes to making great coffee.

It's easy to use. Makes great (and unique) tasting coffee. It's easy to clean. Oh, and it's incredibly durable.

I want to let that last point sink in a bit.

This thing seems unbreakable. It's really strong, BPA-free plastic. The only parts that really seem “cheap” are the ones that really aren't essential (the scoop, stirrer, and funnel). The AeroPress itself however, seems as if it will never break.

And if it does? Well, for less than $30 I won't feel as bad as I could have potentially felt with a more expensive coffee maker.

Looking for Espresso?

In my first brew, I was making what the Aerobie folks label as an “espresso”. My thoughts? Not even close.

It's concentrated coffee, for sure, but it isn't espresso.

Now, this isn't to say that the resulting beverage doesn't taste good. In fact, it's really tasty. Just not espresso. Espresso requires about 9 bars of pressure. The AeroPress only uses 2 bars. So if you want “real” espresso, you should probably be looking elsewhere.

If anything, the resulting coffee is similar to an Americano in mouthfeel and strength, but this of course depends on how much coffee and water you use.

My AeroPress Ratings

All right, so below you will find the breakdown of my ratings for the AeroPress.

The Price

$30 is an incredibly fair price for a coffee maker that makes coffee as good as this. Easily one of the best value coffee makers on the market given how long it lasts and how great the coffee tastes.

Score: 5 stars

The Coffee Quality

So far, I've been very impressed with the way the coffee tastes. Little bitterness…and lots of flavor.

If you have the right brew parameters, you will likely get the best coffee you've ever had. Screw this up though, and your resulting cup could taste like dirt (or gasoline).

My recommendation? Well, check out my recommendation here. I think this will get you great results for starters.

Score: 5 stars

The Coffee Maker Quality

This is by no means the best quality coffee maker. The thing is, it doesn't really need to be.

It gets the job done for what it is. The slight deduction from a 5-star rating are the complimentary plastic accessories that aren't the best quality, as well as the fact that the entire coffee maker is made of plastic, albeit BPA free plastic.

Score: 4.5 stars

Ease of Use

It's easy to use if you aren't trying to get too fancy (read: inverted). Sure, it's a little bit more hands-on than an automatic coffee maker…but aren't you willing to do a little extra work for a lot better coffee?

That's what I thought.

Score: 4.5 stars

Cleaning Ease

So easy. I love that you just press out the used grounds and run a bit of warm water through. That's it!

Score: 5 stars


If it were glass like the Chemex or Hario V60, we'd have a pretty low score here.

But since it's 100% plastic, I think the AeroPress will last me a very long time.

Score: 5 stars


It's not the prettiest coffee maker. It looks like something you would see in a 90's infomercial. But you don't buy a $30 coffee maker for looks.

Score: 2 stars

Brew Speed

Aside from the time it took me to measure the beans and boil the water, the whole brew takes about 1 minute. It is more hands on, but this is a very quick brew process.

Alan Adler, the coffee maker's inventor, says the AeroPress' coffee benefits from a quick brew process to reduce over-extraction (a bitter cup of coffee).

Score: 5 stars

Made in the USA

USA-made coffee makers are tough to find, but the AeroPress is one of the few that fits the bill!


Can be used in hundreds of different ways, with hundreds of different parameters. Even though it's a manual brew process, this is still a very versatile coffee maker.

Score: 5 stars

Final Thoughts

I highly recommend the AeroPress for all coffee enthusiasts out there. This may not be the best option if you are rushing out the door in the morning, but this is really the perfect choice for weekend coffee brewing for one.

Yeah, this is a single serve coffee maker that's easy to use, but it's very hands on.

I think the AeroPress is a coffee maker that every coffee drinker should try at least once. And for less than $30, it's a very small risk to take in my opinion.

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